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Jorginho’s injury-time penalty gives Chelsea dramatic victory over Leeds

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Chelsea have forgotten how to defend, but they still know how to fight. Their title challenge was in danger of unravelling when Joe Gelhardt equalised for Leeds United with seven minutes left and while Thomas Tuchel w...

World Cup roundup: Italy equal record despite Jorginho’s penalty miss

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Jorginho missed a penalty as Italy were held to a 0-0 draw by Switzerland in a World Cup qualifier on Sunday, a result that meant Roberto Mancini’s side equalled the world record for international matches unbeaten in ...

Jorginho’s golden touch makes him invaluable presence in Chelsea revival

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Even Jorginho finds the idea that he could win the Ballon d’Or this year hard to accept. He did not take it as an insult when he heard Antonio Cassano, the former Italy striker, say that any journalist who votes for t...

Jorginho’s metronomic presence has become the beating heart of Italy

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Italy can count themselves fortunate to have a manager who knows how to change his mind. Six years ago, back when Roberto Mancini was still in charge at Inter, he expressed a narrow view of which players ought to repr...