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James Rodríguez and Everton was always a beautiful doomed marriage

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James Rodríguez has gone to Qatar in search of work, although unlike many others who have made the trip before him he can at least keep his passport and will be allowed to leave whenever he wants. The bewitching Colom...

Jonathan Mirsky: reporter who went from Mao fan to fierce Beijing critic

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Jonathan Mirsky, the Observer’s former China correspondent who has died aged 88, was acutely aware of the mounting danger from the bullets criss-crossing Tiananmen Square on 4 junio 1989 as units of the People’s Libera...

Brighton está avanzando a pasos agigantados con Graham Potter, pero aún queda mucho por hacer

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xG no es una herramienta perfecta. Los modelos varían. Tienen defectos. Pero aún, Llama la atención que la mayoría de los modelos de xG - goles esperados - de la temporada pasada tuvieran al Brighton no 16, como lo hicieron en realidad, pero quinto o sexto. Imagina ...

Manchester United’s latest failure looks less a blip than part of a pattern

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With about 10 minutes to go at the Wankdorf Stadion, there was sudden uproar on the Manchester United bench. The referee, François Letexier, had failed to spot a foul on Paul Pogba and on the touchline Ole Gunnar Sols...

Novak Djokovic lost his bid for history but may have finally won the hearts of fans

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Something was wrong. The machine was malfunctioning. The power was blinking on and off. Routine backhands were dropping into the net. Forehands were flying long. On Amazon, which was hosting UK television coverage of ...

Emma Raducanu’s US Open win was a glorious aligning of the fates

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Entonces: that happened. As Emma Raducanu emerged from Arthur Ashe Stadium clutching the US Open trophy to her chest, the blood on her knee still visible from where she had fallen, it was possible to feel a little dazed, a ...

Cristiano Ronaldo hero worship does not mask Manchester United’s flaws

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They had come to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo and they got what they had come for: not one, but two opportunities to shout “Si!” as he celebrated goals with that characteristic spread of the arms and thrust of the groi...

Champions League’s group stage is oddly palatable in a stale world

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Hay, quizás, no better indication of how broken modern football is that the return of the Champions League group stages feels almost like a palate cleanser. With the Swiss system to be introduced in 2024, and pl...

The Ronaldo phenomenon: how one player became a tyranny of numbers

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In the aftermath of Cristiano Ronaldo’s shock return to Manchester United last week, there was a good deal of feverish speculation about whether he would reclaim the famous No 7 shirt once worn by United legends such ...

The lesson we failed to learn from 9/11: peace is impossible if we don’t talk to our enemies

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The fall of Kabul 20 years after 9/11 represents not just the failure of the western strategy in Afghanistan but a wider failure of our overall strategy in tackling the terrorism that gave rise to the attacks in New Y...

El incesante ruido del juicio ha deshumanizado a las jóvenes estrellas del deporte

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Naomi Osaka dio una conferencia de prensa el viernes por la noche.. Ella ha comenzado a hacerlos de nuevo., por cierto; Menciono esto solo porque después de optar por no participar en los deberes de los medios durante el Abierto de Francia este año, mucha gente inmediatamente..

Masterful Jasprit Bumrah the true architect of India’s triumph

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The signs were there, if you wanted to see them. England’s batsmen emerged for the start of day five full of vigour and hope, buoyed by their unbeaten start the previous evening and a crowd that believed, against the ...

Rise of the petro-giants: PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea eclipse old guard

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In times of crisis, the winners are usually the rich. As clubs across Europe continue to struggle against the financial impact of the pandemic, the lesson of this transfer window is that the powerful are mopping up. O...

Biden will survive the Afghan withdrawal, but it seals the fate of liberal intervention

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He wanted to be Franklin Roosevelt; he ended up as Jimmy Carter. That’s the conventional conservative wisdom on Joe Biden and his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “The Afghan debacle will destroy the Bi...

An obsession with migration figures is about more than just numbers

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The “great replacement” – the conspiracy theory that globalist elites are planning to supplant the white population of Europe with Muslim and/or black migrants – was originally formulated by the French white nationali...

Ronaldo and Lukaku deals show fans’ need for new signings outstrips thirst for change

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Oh! pleasant exercise of hope and joy! For mighty were the auxiliars which then stood upon our side, we who were strong in love. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive. But to be on Fulham Road, wreathed in canisters o...

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