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Más allá de las bromas de Trump: ¿Cómo le ha ido a la comedia nocturna en la era Biden??

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De algun modo, Ha pasado casi un año desde el advenimiento del enigma post-Trump de la televisión nocturna, con el fin de una administración que fue tanto una bendición para los índices de audiencia como un callejón sin salida creativo., como seria la politica liberal ...

Clare Connor: ‘There were lots of sexist jokes … that isn’t without damage’

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Clare Connor has been in cricket ever since she was a little kid on the boundary, watching her dad play at Preston Nomads CC near Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs. The game got under her skin, in that way it does. Ella ...

Middle Eastern stand-ups: ‘People assume we only do terrorist jokes’

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Every comedian expects rejection when they’re starting out. But an email mix-up convinced Jenan Younis that her jokes weren’t the problem. To research comedy nights on Facebook, Younis set up a new account, and to avo...

‘Enjoying yourself?": Queen jokes with G7 leaders in family photo – video

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The Queen caused G7 world leaders to break out into laughter as she cracked a joke when they posed for a photo at an evening reception hosted by the monarch on Friday. ‘Are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjo...

Simon Bird: Debrief review – winningly silly standup spins jokes in the air

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Simon Bird always intended to be a live performer. An ex-president of Cambridge Footlights, he duly took to the Edinburgh fringe stage – before stardom, in the shape of The Inbetweeners (and later Friday Night Dinner)...

‘The butt of all jokes’: why TV needs to ditch stale immigrant stories

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It feels sad, amid a wave of such positive, nuanced, complex depictions of immigrants on TV, that United States of Al had to launch this month in the US. “How do you say: ‘We’re so happy to see you’ in – what language...

Boris Johnson a feminist? Bien, apart from his policies, his antics and his jokes

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His press secretary ignores a lifetime of chronicled sexism to contort the truth about her employerAn unusual tolerance for the unbelievable and contemptible was always going to be an essential qualification for anyon...

The milkman is back! Can the smutty jokes be far behind?

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Nombre: Milkmen. Envejecer: Milkmen – and they pretty much were all men back in those days – first showed up in Britain in around about 1860 to deliver fresh milk to people’s doorsteps. Apariencia: Early, cheerful, most prob...