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Johnson’s staff knew he had a crush on me, says Jennifer Arcuri

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The US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has claimed that officials in Boris Johnson’s office knew he had “crush” on her when he was mayor of London. Arcuri also claimed that the mayor was aware she going on international...

Boris Johnson’s military alliance in the Pacific is reckless post-imperial nostalgia

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The Aukus defence deal between Britain, the US and Australia grows murkier by the day. Essentially it is the outcome of an industrial dispute over who will build eight submarines for the Australian military. Australia...

Johnson’s claim Dutch PM offered to mediate in Brexit row not true, say sources

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Boris Johnson has walked into a diplomatic row with one of the UK’s closest allies after claiming the prime minister of the Netherlands had been seeking to “mediate” between Brussels and London over the post-Brexit ar...

Lib Dems can take away Boris Johnson’s majority, says Ed Davey

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The Liberal Democrat leader, Ed Davey, says his party can deprive Boris Johnson of a majority at the next election because many Tories feel the prime minister has taken them for granted. Speaking before his conference...

Making waves in the Pacific: how Boris Johnson’s Global Britain went rogue

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Life got a little more dangerous last week. It wasn’t due to the pandemic or the climate crisis. It was entirely the result of the conscious choices of men (and it’s nearly always men) gearing up for war. That’s denie...

All aboard Boris Johnson’s lying bus – cartoon

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After his reshuffle, the prime minister and his cabinet head for the sunlit uplands• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Johnson’s reshuffle puts power over principle

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Boris Johnson has long yearned to be the modern-day Winston Churchill, famed for his oratory and leadership just as his hero was during and after the second world war. But leadership takes both courage and conviction,...

Johnson’s reshuffle rewards Brexiters, culture warriors and key fixers

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Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle has included the promotion of culture warriors, more rightwingers and a string of his Brexiter “mates”, but his supporters claim the shake-up was more about getting key fixers in plac...

Like herpes simplex, Johnson’s ministers had begun to seem like a lifelong condition

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A huge week for the Westminster village and its many idiots, luego, as Boris Johnson finally got around to shuffling his cabinet. It’s always a thrill to see one’s ministerial bestiary gain some new entries – and, inde...

Johnson’s revamped cabinet cram into office – with no masks

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Boris Johnson’s new cabinet has met for the first time, assembling without masks in a packed room, as the prime minister delivered what he termed a “half-time pep talk” to his revamped team. Photos of the meeting show...

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s cabinet: new faces, not a new direction

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In Westminster it is often said that politics drives the timing of decisions. But this week’s reshuffle by Boris Johnson is just the opposite: the timing is driving the politics. The prime minister is eyeing an early ...

‘Boris wields the axe’: what the UK papers say about Johnson’s ruthless reshuffle

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The Boris Johnson’s ruthless reshuffle, which has been compared to Margaret Thatcher’s 1981 “purge of the wets” – appears across Thursday morning’s front pages. The Guardian headline reads “PM’s ruthless reshuffle lay...

The Guardian view on Johnson’s Covid plan: winter is coming, otra vez

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As winter approaches, the good news is that we are in better shape than many people feared given the scrapping of almost all Covid restrictions over the summer. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) war...

Boris Johnson’s Scotland-Northern Ireland tunnel plans axed

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A controversial plan to build a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland has been ditched before ground was broken, Ha sido reportado, as the Treasury clamps down on spending. The proposed link, described as th...

Boris Johnson’s mother, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, dies at 79

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Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the mother of the prime minister, ha muerto a la edad de 79. The portrait painter passed away “suddenly and peacefully” at a London hospital on Monday, the family said in a statement shared wit...

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