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Boris Johnson’s survival superpower can only last so long

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Long before Partygate, Boris Johnson was known among colleagues for the superpower of survival: the extraordinary ability to shrug off setbacks that led his Eton contemporary, David Cameron, to liken him to a greased ...

These destructive, vindictive civil service cuts are part of Johnson’s culture wars

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The vast majority of the UK’s 475,000-odd civil servants are sick of political psychodrama, and don’t care exactly when Boris Johnson decides to scuttle off into the gilded obscurity of the panel comedy shows, neolibe...

Staatsdiensvakbond waarsku teen staking oor Boris Johnson se plan om te sny 91,000 werksgeleenthede

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Die grootste staatsdiensvakbond het gewaarsku teen stakingsaksies oor Boris Johnson se “P&O-styl" benadering tot sny 91,000 Whitehall werk, met ministers wat ook poog om personeelafdankingstermyne met tot 'n derde te verminder..

Boris Johnson se posbesnoeiings in die staatsdiens is ambisieus - en ideologies

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Donderdag in Stoke om die lewenskostekrisis te bespreek, Boris Johnson aan sy kabinet gesê: "Mense, ons gaan hierdeur kom … werk, werksgeleenthede, werk is die antwoord.” Net ure later, it emerged that almost one in fiv...

Boris Johnson se wenke oor belastingverlagings wat deur die tesourie afgespeel word

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Die tesourie is gedwing om spekulasie oor 'n dreigende aankondiging oor lewenskoste vir 'n tweede agtereenvolgende dag te demp, nadat Boris Johnson aan Tory-LP's gesinspeel het dat die regering gereed is om belasting te verminder. LP's...

Johnson se sekuriteitsversekering aan Swede en Finland nie net simbolies nie

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Boris Johnson se aanbod van Britse geskrewe sekuriteitsversekering aan Swede en Finland was meer as 'n stukkie simboliek wat ontwerp is om die twee lande oor die streep te stoot om volgende week 'n gesamentlike aansoek vir die NAVO te doen..

UK local election results were messy. Now Boris Johnson’s future is on the line

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The Conservatives lost but Labour didn’t win. In a messy night with multiple cross-currents, voters turned against the Tories in many areas, yet an uneven Labour performance failed to fully dispel doubts about its app...

How Boris Johnson’s Conservatives lost their grip on London

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In marginal Croydon, a group of weary Conservative activists were trying to drum up voters in the London council elections in the dying hours of polling day when they bumped into a group of Labour campaigners, who sai...

If Johnson’s Rwanda plan for asylum seekers is legal, why is he afraid to defend it in court?

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This government’s despicable assault on asylum seekers and refugees – and the distress caused for our union’s members in the Home Office – is seemingly endless. From pushbacks in the Channel to shipping people off to ...

Boris Johnson’s ‘out of touch’ comments on cost of living crisis anger Tory MPs

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Boris Johnson’s fumbled defence of the government’s record on the cost of living has exasperated Conservative MPs and sharpened fears about the party’s performance in Thursday’s local elections. Asked about a pensione...

Elsie ‘disappointed’ with Boris Johnson’s response, says Susanna Reid

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A 77-year-old woman who has only one meal a day and travels on buses during the day to keep her household bills down was “disappointed” with Boris Johnson’s response to her plight in an interview with Good Morning Bri...

Boris Johnson’s defence on Covid risk to care homes hit by new revelation

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Boris Johnson’s claim that a lack of knowledge about the asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 put care homes at risk has been further undermined after it emerged he openly discussed the potential scale of symptom-fre...

Boris Johnson’s endorsement of JCB is shameful

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Boris Johnson’s recent visit to a JCB factory in India inadvertently highlighted the use of JCB vehicles in the destruction of mainly Muslim settlements (Outcry in India as Boris Johnson visits JCB plant amid demoliti...

Refugee data analysis casts doubt on Boris Johnson’s Rwanda claim

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Minder as 200 people who came to the UK without authorisation would have been sent to Rwanda last year, analysis of government figures has found. The Refugee Council said 172 people could have been sent to the east A...

Boris Johnson’s guilt is beyond doubt. There is no way back from this

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Boris Johnson is in serious trouble. He faces danger on all fronts. His capitulation to the Commons privileges committee leaves him open to the risk of being found lying to parliament. Resignation would have to follow...

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