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Boris Johnson to delay social care reform plans until autumn

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Boris Johnson has delayed plans to fix the crumbling social care system until the autumn, after negotiations foundered with the three key players isolating. Negotiations had been taking place over recent days in the h...

Tory MP fears Boris Johnson will delay Covid restrictions needed after summer

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Covid restrictions will probably need to be reimposed across England after summer but the government may again delay doing so, a Conservative MP helping lead a Commons inquiry into ministers’ handling of the pandemic ...

Global experts urge Boris Johnson to delay ‘dangerous’ Covid reopening

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Lifting the remaining Covid restrictions in England this month is “dangerous and premature”, according to international scientists and doctors, who have called on the UK government to pause reopening until more people...

Coronavirus live nuus: Gaza strip sees record death toll; calls for Boris Johnson to delay India trip over variant

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Gaza authorities have received 80,000 vaccine doses for population of two million people; UK Labour party says PM should not travel