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Boris Johnson admits he has six children

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Boris Johnson has admitted for the first time that he has six children, claiming in an interview on US television that he “changes a lot of nappies”. The prime minister has previously tended to avoid questions about h...

Boris Johnson refuses to rule out Christmas Covid disruption

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Boris Johnson has refused to guarantee that he will not have to disrupt Christmas gatherings for a second year running by imposing Covid restrictions, though he insisted it was “very much not the plan”. Last year the ...

Johnson hails lifting of US travel ban but says trade deal progress unlikely

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Boris Johnson hailed Joe Biden’s decision to lift the US travel ban on Monday as he prepared to head to the White House, but said progress on a post-Brexit trade deal was unlikely, because the president has “a lot of ...

Boris Johnson welcomes decision to open UK-US travel ‘in time for Thanksgiving’ - video

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Boris Johnson has welcomed the US decision to lift Covid-19 travel restrictions to allow fully vaccinated passengers from the UK and most EU countries to travel into the country from early November. The move signals t...

Climate crisis: history will judge failure to act, Johnson says at UN

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Boris Johnson has warned the world’s rich countries that “history will judge”, if they fail to act now to tackle the climate crisis, as US climate envoy John Kerry suggested President Biden was poised to commit more f...

Johnson defends trade secretary after climate crisis denial tweets

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Boris Johnson has acknowledged that he has altered his views about the climate crisis over recent years, dicho, “the facts change and people change their minds”. As he travelled to the US in a bid to accelerate progr...

Meeting Cop26 finance goals ‘going to be tough’, dice Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson has said he fears there is only a 60% chance that the $100bn in climate finance viewed as key to securing an ambitious outcome to the Cop26 summit will be in place by the time world leaders meet in Glasg...

Nicola Jennings on Boris Johnson and Cop26 – cartoon

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Universal credit cut will push 800,000 people into poverty, Boris Johnson warned

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Boris Johnson is warned today that more than 800,000 people risk being plunged into poverty as a result of an imminent cut to universal credit, amid a plot by senior Tories to force the government into a last-minute U...

Boris Johnson flies to New York to tighten transatlantic ties after strained summer

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Boris Johnson will fly to New York this weekend for his first foreign trip since the Covid pandemic, hoping to cement his relationship with the US president, Joe Biden, after a rocky summer marred by the chaotic Kabul...

Alan Johnson: ‘I read Animal Farm at 14 and it changed my life’

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The book I am currently readingThe Untouchable by John Banville – a fictionalised version of the Anthony Blunt spy scandal. Banville has that rich prose style Irish writers seem to specialise in. The book that changed...

Gavin Williamson: a man too stupid even for a Boris Johnson cabinet

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Things were even worse than they seemed. Liz Truss was looking positively chipper on the frontbench ahead of prime minister’s questions. Someone in No 10 had told her she was in line for a promotion in the imminent re...

Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson at the Met Gala — cartoon

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Boris Johnson’s mother, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, dies at 79

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Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the mother of the prime minister, ha muerto a la edad de 79. The portrait painter passed away “suddenly and peacefully” at a London hospital on Monday, the family said in a statement shared wit...

‘9/11 attacks failed to divide us,’ says Boris Johnson – video

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los 9/11 terrorists failed to undermine the faith of 'free peoples' around the world in open societies, Boris Johnson has said, marking the 20th anniversary of the attacks. 'The fact that we are coming together today ...

Johnson avoided mass rebellion over tax rise, but anger is growing

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For months, Boris Johnson’s plan to deliver on a pledge to solve the social care crisis was shrouded in secrecy: names were added one by one to a list held by the cabinet secretary of those brought in to develop parts...

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