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Boris Johnson faces backlash after pushing former Met chief for NCA role

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Boris Johnson’s attempt to appoint a former Metropolitan police commissioner into another senior police role has prompted a furious backlash from three high-profile victims of the VIP paedophile ring scandal. The wido...

Meeting between Boris Johnson and Sue Gray was instigated by No 10

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Downing Street has confirmed that a meeting between Boris Johnson and Sue Gray, the civil servant leading an inquiry into Partygate, was instigated by No 10 and not Gray, contradicting the account of a senior minister...

When is the Sue Gray report due and what could it mean for Boris Johnson?

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The full Sue Gray report into lockdown-breaching gatherings in and around Downing Street could be published as early as Tuesday. Here is what we know about its likely contents – and their impact. This is the final ver...

Nadhim Zahawi refuses to say who called Boris Johnson meeting with Sue Gray

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The UK education secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, has repeatedly refused to say who organised a meeting between Boris Johnson and the top civil servant Sue Gray, as Westminster awaits her report into Downing Street lockdown ...

Boris Johnson, dancing queen – cartoon

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The prime minister celebrates the end of the Met police investigation into Partygate• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Boris Johnson among dozens warned they face criticism in Sue Gray’s report

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Boris Johnson is among dozens of No 10 officials warned by Sue Gray they are facing criticism in her Partygate report next week, as a former civil service chief said the “real issue” was the leadership of the prime mi...

Boris Johnson skud nr 10 operasie na Sue Gray kritiek

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Boris Johnson het sy nr 10 operasie in reaksie op kritiek op sy toesig in die tussentydse Sue Gray-verslag, met nuwe magte oorhandig aan die staatsdienshoof Samantha Jones. Met die Grey-verslag verwag...

PM’s father Stanley Johnson ‘secures French citizenship’

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The prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has secured French citizenship, volgens berigte. French officials reportedly told the AFP news agency that Johnson, 81, whose mother was French, obtained French natio...

Boris Johnson and I agreed on Northern Ireland. What happened to that good faith?

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In Oktober 2019 I met Boris Johnson in the Wirral. It was an appropriately “neutral” venue, and I was happy to meet the prime minister in the north-west of England. Op daardie stadium, controversy surrounded the backstop, wh ...

Civil servants and No 10 advisers furious over single fine for Boris Johnson

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Civil servants and special advisers have reacted with fury and disbelief after Scotland Yard confirmed Boris Johnson got only one of 126 fines levied for law-breaking parties at the heart of Downing Street and Whiteha...

Die Guardian-siening oor Boris Johnson: not in control of his own premiership

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Has Boris Johnson wriggled free of Partygate? The news that the prime minister will not receive any further fines over the scandal suggests he might. But Mr Johnson is not out of danger. The Metropolitan police’s inve...

Boris Johnson faces down the Met – as the little people get fines over Partygate

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Here’s a thing – it turns out that the same parties were illegal for some people but fair enough for others. Schrödinger’s parties. Boris Johnson’s exceptionalism has been indulged yet again, as it’s generally only th...

‘I can’t look at Johnson without feeling sick’: readers’ verdicts on Partygate

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The Metropolitan police have confirmed that Boris Johnson will not receive any more fines for lockdown-breaching gatherings after an investigation into events in Downing Street and Whitehall. The police force said it ...

Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson revealed in This England teaser

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Kenneth Branagh’s depiction of Boris Johnson has been revealed in a clip from the upcoming drama series This England, which follows the prime minister’s tumultuous first months in Downing Street as he grapples with th...

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