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Hale private boys’ school in Perth received more than $7m in jobkeeper

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A private boys’ school in Perth that charges up to $27,000 a year in fees received more than $7m in jobkeeper subsidies in 2020 while declaring an operating surplus of more than $8m. The Hale School in Perth counts ca...

Melbourne private school cut fees after receiving nearly $20m in jobkeeper

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An elite Melbourne private school offered parents fee discounts of 20% last year after it received nearly $20m in jobkeeper subsidies. Wesley College in Melbourne, which charges some of the highest private school fees...

Corporate watchdog considers complaint about Premier Investments not revealing jobkeeper payments

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The corporate watchdog is making inquiries into the failure by Premier Investments, the retailer controlled by billionaire Solomon Lew, to tell the market how much jobkeeper it has received. After intense political pr...