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We got Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling in Israeli settlements. Here’s how we did it

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Aan 19 Julie, Ben & Jerry’s, the celebrated ice cream company based in Vermont, where I live, set off a firestorm after it announced it would no longer allow its ice cream to be sold in Israel’s illegal settlements ...

Corporate activism is too often cynical. In Ben & Jerry’s case, it offers hope

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There is possibly only one thing worse for social justice movements than getting no recognition, and that is getting too much. Over the past few years, the subversive energy of popular movements for equality, whether ...

‘It’s just ice-cream’: settlers’ chilly response to Ben & Jerry’s boycott

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There are blue skies and green grass outside and inside Pizzeria Efrat, a restaurant in a settlement of the same name in the occupied West Bank. Buite, the pizza parlour is surrounded by lush parks and wide, quiet r...

Israeli PM vows to take ‘aggressive’ action over Ben & Jerry’s ban

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Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett, has told the head of Unilever that Israel will “act aggressively” against Ben & Jerry’s over the subsidiary’s decision to stop selling its ice-cream in the Israeli-occupie...

Ben & Jerry’s to stop sales in occupied Palestinian territories

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Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream has announced that it will no longer sell its ice-cream in the occupied Palestinian territories, saying the sales are “inconsistent with our values.” The announcement on Monday was one of t...

Ben & Jerry's om op te hou om roomys in Palestynse gebiede te verkoop

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Ben & Jerry's-roomys het aangekondig dat hy nie meer sy roomys in die Palestynse gebiede sal verkoop nie, om te sê die verkope in die besette land is "strydig met ons waardes." Die aankondiging Maandag ...