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Sajid Javid’s axing of all Covid restrictions draws warnings from NHS

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The government has pledged to abolish almost every existing Covid restriction over the coming weeks in England and “get life completely back to normal”, a course popular with Conservative MPs but which immediately pro...

Man charged after reports of anti-vaccine protest outside Sajid Javid’s home

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A 60-year-old man has been charged after reports of an anti-vaccine protest outside the health secretary’s London home. A video posted online appears to show a person delivering a letter with an anti-Covid-vaccine mes...

Sajid Javid se kritiek wat die misbruik van dokters aanvuur, sê huisdokters se hoof

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Sajid Javid se kritiek op hoe huisdokters werk het 'n toename in verbale en fisieke aanvalle op hulle en hul personeel aangevuur, het die leier van Brittanje se huisdokters beweer. Dr Richard Vautrey het gesê kommentaar deur die gesondheids....

Sajid Javid’s NHS plan would open GPs up to more abuse, says head of BMA

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Sajid Javid’s tactics of “attacking and threatening” GPs with “league tables of shame” if they do not see enough patients in person risks family doctors, practice nurses and receptionists facing greater abuse and thre...

Sajid Javid’s threat to sack NHS chiefs is doomed to fail

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'n Lang, low groan echoes around the NHS. Not again, please? Die nuwe gesondheidsekretaris, Sajid Javid, pledges far-reaching reforms and the most comprehensive review since the 1980s. Too many new health secretaries start ...

Sajid Javid’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid provokes backlash

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Sajid Javid has provoked a wave of anger from families of the victims of Covid after he said people must no longer “cower” from the virus. The health secretary announced on Saturday that he had made a “full recovery” ...

What’s in Sajid Javid’s in-tray at the department of health?

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Sajid Javid’s appointment as health secretary replacing Matt Hancock at the Department of Health and Social care comes at a time when, as the British Medical Association put it, he has “probably the most daunting in-t...