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Health ‘levelling up’ will flop if cuts are not reversed, Javid told

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Sajid Javid’s vow to “level up health” will fail unless the government reverses a decade of cuts to public health, one of the world’s leading experts will warn on Monday. The health secretary has announced the creatio...

Sajid Javid promises health shake-up to fight ‘disease of disparity’

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Sajid Javid has pledged a new approach to public health to tackle the “disease of disparity”, after he admitted the coronavirus pandemic had laid bare the UK’s underlying health inequalities. The health secretary said...

Javid: Covid curbs will return in England if cases get out of control

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Covid restrictions will return if the virus gets “out of control” again this year, the UK health secretary has said, with a dangerous new variant or the NHS at risk of being overwhelmed identified as the moment “plan ...

Mandatory masks could return this winter, says Sajid Javid

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The health secretary has said the government may need to reintroduce mandatory face masks and advise the public to work from home, as he set out the government’s plans for coping with Covid in England through the autu...

Sajid Javid updates parliament on Covid-19 pandemic winter plans – watch live

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Health secretary updates parliament on pandemic winter plans, including proposals for booster jabs for over-50s and the option for 12- to 15-year-olds to get the jab

Plans for Covid vaccine passports in England ditched, Javid confirms

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Plans to make vaccine passports mandatory across England in nightclubs and other crowded spaces later this month have been dropped, the health secretary has announced. In a major climbdown branded “shambolic” by Labou...

Who is the real Sajid Javid? Podcast settimanale di politica

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In the first episode of our special summer series, Jessica Elgot chiede ai suoi ospiti: who is the new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid? How did he rise to the top? What makes him tick? And is he as funny as some claim he is? ...

Sajid Javid admits UK Covid rates unpredictable as cases rise again

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Sajid Javid has said “no one really knows” what trajectory the Covid pandemic will take in the weeks ahead, as new cases across the UK rose after seven days of consecutive declines. The latest Covid data, published on...

Keeping loved ones safe is not ‘cowering’, Sajid Javid

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How utterly incomprehensible that the health secretary should tell us not to cower from Covid, despite his later apology (Sajid Javid apologises for saying it was time to stop ‘cowering’ from Covid). But why am I not ...

Sajid Javid apologises for saying it was time to stop ‘cowering’ from Covid

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Sajid Javid has apologised for saying it was time to stop “cowering” from Covid, after an outcry from families bereaved by the virus. On Saturday, the health secretary said on Twitter that he had recovered from corona...

Sajid Javid posts message saying he has tested positive for Covid – video

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The health secretary for England, Sajid Javid, has announced in a video on Twitter that he has tested positive for coronavirus and has mild symptoms. In a video, Javid said: “This morning I tested positive for Covid. ...

Sajid Javid tests positive as health chiefs tell PM: don’t let Covid rip

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Senior public health leaders from across the UK have accused Boris Johnson of “letting Covid rip” by relaxing legal restrictions on Monday, amid warnings that a growing wave of infections will intensify a summer NHS c...

Sajid Javid, England’s health secretary, tests positive for Covid

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England’s health secretary, Sajid Javid, has tested positive for coronavirus and has mild symptoms, he has said. In a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, Javid wrote: “This morning I tested positive for Covid. I’m wa...

Sajid Javid confirms 19 July plan to lift Covid restrictions in England

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Large indoor venues in England will be urged to check the Covid status of their customers on entry this summer, while prevalence of the virus is high, the health secretary, Sajid Javid, ha annunciato. Speaking to MPs,...

Sajid Javid warns NHS waiting lists backlog could reach 13m

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The new health secretary, Sajid Javid, has warned that NHS waiting lists could rocket to 13m in the coming months as concerns rise over the backlog faced by the health service. Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Javid ...

Double-vaccinated contacts no longer need to self-isolate from 16 agosto, says Sajid Javid

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Close contacts of people in England who have tested positive for Covid will not have to self-isolate if they have received both their vaccinations, or if they are under 18, Sajid Javid has announced to the Commons. L...

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