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Javid sorry for Covid losses but says he has not read Commons report in detail

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The health secretary has said he is sorry for the losses that have occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but fell short of apologising for the government’s decision to delay lockdown last March. Sajid Javid’s comment...

Sajid Javid working on radical plan to merge social care with health in England

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Radical plans for a new national care service under which health and social care would be delivered by the same organisation are being actively considered by the government for inclusion in a white paper next month, a ...

If Javid expects families to do all the work, social care is not being ‘fixed’

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“We shouldn’t always go first to the state. What kind of society would that be,” health secretary Sajid Javid asked the Conservative party conference this week. “Health and social care begins at home. It should be fam...

Sajid Javid: patients on waiting lists need not go private as ‘NHS can manage’

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Sajid Javid has urged patients stuck on lengthy waiting lists not to go private, insisting “the NHS can manage it,” as he pledged to use his position as the first minority ethnic health secretary to tackle racial disp...

Unvaccinated care workers should get another job, says Javid

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Care workers in England should “get out and get another job” if they don’t want to get vaccinated, die gesondheidsekretaris, Sajiv Javid, gesê het. Senior figures in the care industry have begun to raise concerns that the...

Javid beskuldig Starmer daarvan dat hy 'wetenskaplike feit' ontken het in transregte

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Arbeid en die konserwatiewes het bots oor die kwessie van transregte, soos sir Keir Starmer gesê het dat dit verkeerd was om te sê 'slegs vroue het 'n serviks' en die sekretaris van gesondheid, Sajid Javid, het gesê dat dit 'n 'totale ontkenning van ....

Gesondheid 'gelykmaak' sal flop as snitte nie omgekeer word nie, Het Javid vertel

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Die gelofte van Sajid Javid om 'gesondheid te verhoog' sal misluk, tensy die regering 'n dekade van besnoeiings aan openbare gesondheid omkeer, waarsku een van die wêreld se voorste kenners Maandag. Die gesondheidsekretaris het die skepping aangekondig ...

Sajid Javid belowe om gesondheid te herstel om 'siekte van ongelykheid' te beveg

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Sajid Javid het 'n nuwe benadering tot openbare gesondheid belowe om die 'siekte van ongelykheid' aan te pak, nadat hy erken het dat die koronaviruspandemie die onderliggende gesondheidsongelykhede van die VK blootgelê het. Die gesondheidsekretaris het gesê ...

Javid: Covid curbs will return in England if cases get out of control

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Covid restrictions will return if the virus gets “out of control” again this year, the UK health secretary has said, with a dangerous new variant or the NHS at risk of being overwhelmed identified as the moment “plan ...

Verpligte maskers kan hierdie winter terugkom, sê Sajid Javid

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Die gesondheidsekretaris het gesê dat die regering moontlik weer verpligte gesigmaskers moet instel en die publiek moet aanraai om tuis te werk, toe hy die regering se planne uiteengesit het om Covid in Engeland te hanteer..

Sajid Javid updates parliament on Covid-19 pandemic winter plans – watch live

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Health secretary updates parliament on pandemic winter plans, including proposals for booster jabs for over-50s and the option for 12- to 15-year-olds to get the jab

Plans for Covid vaccine passports in England ditched, Javid confirms

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Plans to make vaccine passports mandatory across England in nightclubs and other crowded spaces later this month have been dropped, the health secretary has announced. In a major climbdown branded “shambolic” by Labou...

Who is the real Sajid Javid? Politics Weekly podcast

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In the first episode of our special summer series, Jessica Elgot asks her guests: who is the new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid? How did he rise to the top? What makes him tick? And is he as funny as some claim he is? ...

Sajid Javid admits UK Covid rates unpredictable as cases rise again

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Sajid Javid has said “no one really knows” what trajectory the Covid pandemic will take in the weeks ahead, as new cases across the UK rose after seven days of consecutive declines. The latest Covid data, published on...

Keeping loved ones safe is not ‘cowering’, Sajid Javid

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How utterly incomprehensible that the health secretary should tell us not to cower from Covid, despite his later apology (Sajid Javid apologises for saying it was time to stop ‘cowering’ from Covid). But why am I not ...

Sajid Javid apologises for saying it was time to stop ‘cowering’ from Covid

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Sajid Javid has apologised for saying it was time to stop “cowering” from Covid, after an outcry from families bereaved by the virus. Op Saterdag, the health secretary said on Twitter that he had recovered from corona...

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