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Bringing order to the chaos of reality… Jarvis Cocker interviews six collectors

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Peter Blake began collecting in earnest as a young teenager, and over the decades he sought out everything from elephant designs to Disney memorabilia, jigsaws to jewellery. Much of what he collected was redeployed in...

‘Most music comes from really abject origins’: Jarvis Cocker interviewed by Olivia Laing

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Jarvis Cocker is late. The dog walker didn’t turn up on time and he arrives at the London Library looking worried, even though he already rang to apologise. “I’m flustered,” he announces, pulling off his beanie and un...

‘Sustainable banger’: Jarvis Cocker stars on climate-themed dance track

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Jarvis Cocker has teamed up with the electronic DJ Riton to release what he calls “the world’s first sustainable banger” to encourage action to address the climate crisis. Let’s Stick Around, released on Thursday to c...

Glastonbury: PJ Harvey, Jarvis Cocker, George Ezra and Róisín Murphy join livestream bill

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PJ Harvey, Jarvis Cocker, George Ezra and Róisín Murphy are among the artists newly added to Glastonbury’s ticketed livestreamed event. Live at Worthy Farm, available to view on 22-23 Maggio, will see Ezra and Murphy joi...