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‘Utter torment’: Japan’s party season loses lustre as workers dread drinking with the boss

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Not everyone in Japan is looking forward to observing the time-honoured tradition of drinking, eating, and drinking some more with groups of colleagues, even as the country begins to rediscover its gregarious side aft...

Japan’s Prince Akishino lambasts media for saying ‘terrible things’ about his daughter

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Prince Akishino, the first in line to the Japanese throne, has lambasted the country’s media for their treatment of his eldest daughter, Mako, accusing them of saying “terrible things” about her in the run-up to her m...

Coronavirus news live: China tells families to ‘stock up’ amid Covid outbreak, Japan’s cases dramatically decline

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China has urged its citizens to stock up on daily necessities in case of emergency; Japan will gradually ease border restrictions amid falling Covid cases

Japan’s governing party set for bloodied victory in weekend election

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The party that has governed Japan almost without interruption for nearly seven decades is expected to win Sunday’s general election, but the new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, could emerge with his authority damaged. ...

Japan’s Princess Mako leaves royal family to marry college sweetheart – video

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The now former Princess Mako of Japan has married Kei Komura, losing her royal status. The couple struggled with a financial scandal that plagued their engagement but said in a press conference to announce their marri...

Japan’s Princess Mako marries and loses royal status

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Japan’s Princess Mako has lost her royal status after marrying her “commoner” college sweetheart, Kei Komuro – a man she described as “irreplaceable” – while the couple voiced sadness over a scandal that has plagued t...

Japan’s island-shaped curry inflames tensions with Korean neighbours

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A simple bowl of curry is at the centre of the latest row in a long-running territorial dispute between Japan and the Koreas. Media in North and South Korea reacted angrily after an online media report about a seafood...

Japan’s ruling party to vote for new leader who is likely to become next PM

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Japan’s ruling party will vote for a new leader on Wednesday who will almost certainly become the next prime minister ahead of a general election due in weeks, and with the economy under pressure from the Covid-19 pan...

Replacing Suga as prime minister will do little to resolve Japan’s political crisis

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Japan will soon have a new prime minister. Not because there is a general election coming up – although there is – but because the leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic party (LDP), the deeply unpopular Yoshihide Su...

Japan’s Moderna Covid vaccine rollout hit by recall and contamination scares

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The Moderna coronavirus vaccine programme in Japan has been hit by a series of contamination incidents, prompting it to recall 1.63m doses found to contain metal fragments. Other potential contaminants have been ident...

Japan’s economy bounces back as Covid restrictions ease

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Japan’s economy recovered strongly in the second quarter to join the turnaround seen across G7 countries as the easing of lockdown restrictions sent consumers rushing to the shops. Beating the expectations of City ana...

Japan’s Momiji Nishiya, 13, wins Olympic women’s street skateboarding gold

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Japan’s Momiji Nishiya became the second youngest champion in summer Olympics history, aged 13 years and 330 days, by winning the inaugural women’s skateboarding street competition. On another blistering hot day at A...

Skateboarding: Japan’s Momiji Nishiya, 13, wins Olympic women’s street gold

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On the Olympic podium, three teenage girls 13, 13 and 16 with weighty gold, silver and bronze medals around their young necks, rewards for having landed tricks on their skateboards that most kids their age only get to...

Japan’s golden day at Olympics softens mood of Covid misgivings

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Two days of Olympic sport in Tokyo have created a moral dilemma for millions of people in the host country who had hoped the day would never come when Japan’s athletes would win their first gold medals of the summer. ...

By holding the Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s government is gambling with people’s lives

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The Olympic Games begins in Tokyo on Friday, just as Covid-19 blights the city for the fourth time – and a year after the Games were originally scheduled to begin. Despite the latest alarming spike in coronavirus infe...

Japan’s emperor voices concern about Covid spread during Olympics

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Japan’s emperor has voiced concern over the possible spread of coronavirus during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, in an unexpected intervention in the debate over holding the Games in the middle of a pandemic. Naruhito, who ...

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