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Jamie Barton/Jake Heggie review – a straightforward delight in performing

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There’s standard-issue onstage chemistry – and then there’s the extravaganza of hip shimmies and floor kissing that erupts periodically between mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton and composer-pianist Jake Heggie. No need to c...

Congressman Jamie Raskin: ‘I’ll never forget the terrible sound of them trying to barrel into the chamber’

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He spent 5 January at a graveside service for his son, Tommy, who had taken his own life after years shadowed by depression. He spent 6 January under siege at the US Capitol as a mob of Donald Trump supporters staged ...

Smart Rangnick seeks balancing act for United side with ‘abundance’ of talent

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Control, control, control: Ralf Rangnick’s mantra regarding what Manchester United are missing was also an apt characterisation of a 63-year-old who having just strode into a behemoth global football club oozed calm a...

Singer Jamie Barton: ‘Can we do a queer Don Carlo? Or a lesbian Orfeo?’

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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the classical music world fell in love with Jamie Barton. Perhaps it was the 2013 Cardiff Singer of the World competition, when as an up-and-coming mezzo-soprano from Rome, Georgia, ...

Jamie Laing on privilege and panic attacks: ‘I’d tell my younger self: don’t change’

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Born in Oxfordshire in 1988, Jamie Laing is best known for his role as chief mischief-maker on Made in Chelsea, the structured reality series he left this year after 209 episodes. It was appearances on Murder in Succe...

Big Oil CEOs just lied before Congress. It’s time they’re held accountable

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For the first time ever, the executives from four major oil companies and two of the industry’s most powerful front groups testified before Congress about their decades-long effort to spread climate disinformation and...

Patson Daka looks like the Jamie Vardy replacement Leicester need

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When Jamie Vardy was withdrawn at the break during Leicester’s 2-1 win over Brentford on Sunday, the club’s supporters must have cursed their luck. Leicester have been incredibly unfortunate with injuries this season,...

Britain’s Jamie Chadwick claims W Series title after two weekend victories

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Two wins in two days gave Jamie Chadwick back-to-back W Series titles as the all-female competition made its US debut. “It’s been hard work this year, I’ve been pushed all the way and obviously with the double-header ...

Mr Nice Guy v hairdryer: the dilemma facing Solskjær before crunch games

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the touchline Mr Nice Guy whose breezy demeanour may be counterproductive. To find a sighting of the manager scolding a Manchester United player is akin to a search for Lord Lucan: it could take...

'Ons wou nie vet smeer nie': hoe Everybody's Talking About Jamie 'n film geword het

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Om 'n verhoogmusiek te kies om nou te sien, kan voel asof u na die filmlys van die 1980's en 90's kyk. Pretty Woman and Back to the Future speel oorkant mekaar in die West End in Londen, met ...

Everybody's Talking About Jamie -resensie - oppervlakkige sjarmant met 'n sterretjie

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Die filmverwerking van die West End-musiekblyspel gebaseer op die werklike verhaal van 'n aspirant-tiener-drag queen uit Sheffield, Everybody's Talking About Jamie dra sy gevoel van goeie gevoel van aanvaarding en bemagtiging soos volg..

Almal praat oor Jamie -resensie - The Full Monty in sleep

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Hierdie groothartige musikale komedie het sy lewe op die verhoog begin 2017 - en 10 jare tevore as 'n TV -dokumentêr oor die ware verhaal van die gay tiener Jamie Campbell, wie se droom was om 'n drag queen te wees. Die breë karakter ...

Jamie Oliver: I prefer YouTube now to TV cookery shows

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He was not the first TV chef, but nobody is more responsible for ushering in two decades of wall-to-wall cookery shows than Jamie Oliver. Now he has revealed that he has largely given up watching them himself, turning...

Scotland’s new makar Kathleen Jamie: ‘Poetry is at the heart of our culture’

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Kathleen Jamie’s tenure as makar – Scotland’s national poet – is already a work in progress. When the 59-year-old was formally welcomed to the role last Wednesday by first minister Nicola Sturgeon, she told reporters ...

Jamie Vardy sinks Wolves to get Leicester up and running

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Not everything changes with the seasons. Leicester’s biggest signing this summer is a potential replacement for Jamie Vardy but the veteran striker proved he is unwilling to surrender his throne just yet. While the ne...

Jamie Robson’s goal seals win for Dundee United over sluggish Rangers

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Defender Jamie Robson’s composed second-half goal earned Dundee United a well-deserved 1-0 victory over Rangers at Tannadice. United put in a superb collective performance with home keeper Benjamin Siegrist having ver...

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