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Dutch court jails drugs gang who built torture room and cells in containers

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A Dutch court has sentenced 11 men to between one and nine years for maintaining an “underworld prison” with a torture chamber, hidden in shipping containers, in a case that shocked the Netherlands. The case revolved ...

Hong Kong jails pro-democracy activist and former DJ for ‘uttering seditious words’

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A Hong Kong court has sentenced a former radio DJ and political party official charged with “seditious” verbal crimes to 40 months in jail. Tam Tak-chi, also known by his radio name Fast Beat, was also fined $5,000 af...

Arkansas jail’s ivermectin experiments recall historical medical abuse of imprisoned minorities

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In late August last year, four inmates at the Washington county detention center in north-west Arkansas contracted Covid-19. In the days that followed, the four men were relocated to a quarantine block in the prison. ...

German court jails former Syrian intelligence officer for life

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A German court has sentenced a Syrian former intelligence officer in Bashar al-Assad’s security services to life in prison. Anwar Raslan, a former colonel loyal to the regime who later defected and gained asylum in Ge...

Burmese court jails celebrities who backed anti-coup protests

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A court in military-ruled Myanmar has jailed three prominent showbusiness figures for three years each for their part in protests against February’s coup, media reported. The military overthrew the elected government ...

Belarus jails opposition leader’s husband for 18 jare

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Syarhei Tsikhanouski, the husband of Belarus’s opposition leader, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for organising mass unrest and inciting social hatred, the official Belta news agency ...

Up to one in 11 staff in some jails investigated for misconduct

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Up to one in 11 staff in some prisons across England and Wales have faced at least one misconduct investigation for allegations including sexual harassment and assault, Guardian analysis of Ministry of Justice data sh...

Coronavirus live nuus: Chili keur Sinovac goed vir kinders van ses en ouer; Viëtnam sit 'n man wat die kwarantyn oortree het, in die tronk

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Chili is die eerste land in Latyns -Amerika wat die Covid -entstof vir kinders van ses en ouer goedkeur; Viëtnam vonnis die man wat Covid aan minstens agt mense oorgedra het

Trans women with sex offence convictions in female jails lawful, rules judge

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A legal challenge to prevent transgender inmates, with convictions for sexual or violent offences against women, being imprisoned alongside other women has been rejected by the high court. A female former inmate, wie ...

China jails blogger who ‘slandereddead in India border clash

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A Chinese court has jailed a popular blogger over posts suggesting the death toll among Chinese soldiers in a China-Indian border clash last year was higher than claimed. Qiu Ziming was among at least six people arres...

Hong Kong court jails three on riot charges despite no evidence of rioting

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A court in Hong Kong has sentenced three people to years in jail on riot convictions, despite no evidence they were actually involved in rioting. In a separate case, the activist Joshua Wong and three others were also...

Sage warns jails could unleash Covid variants into wider community

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Jails pose a threat of unleashing Covid variants of concern into the wider community, government scientific advisers have warned, with “universal” vaccination of inmates and prison staff recommended as the best way to...

Saudi Arabia jails alleged satirist ‘identified in Twitter infiltration’

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A Saudi court’s decision to sentence an aid worker to 20 years in prison for allegedly using a satirical Twitter account to mock the Riyadh government has been linked to the infiltration of Twitter by Saudi agents in ...

Thailand considers expanding jails as it arrests more political prisoners

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Thailand is considering an expansion of prison space as it arrests more political prisoners, the justice minister has said. Somsak Thepsuthin said Bangkok Remand Prison and Klong Prem Central Prison, where most recent...