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Jacqueline Wilson: my mother slept with a gun under her pillow

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The children’s author, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, has said her elderly mother slept with a gun beneath her pillow. Wilson, creator of the Tracy Beaker series, told an audience at the Hay festival in Wales that she was th...

Jacqueline Novak review – audaciously funny trolling of the penis

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‘Do I overreach?”, asks Jacqueline Novak. Wel, yes – no show ever overreached more, which is what makes Get on Your Knees such a remarkable comedy. The show, which arrives trailing all kinds of glory from Off-Broadwa...

Jacqueline Novak: ‘My show is not a takedown of the penis’

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“Even I would be irritated hearing about this show if I wasn’t me,” admits Jacqueline Novak, who is attempting to accurately articulate the tone of Get on Your Knees, her 90-minute deep dive into the social, political...

Life after death: how the pandemic has transformed our psychic landscape

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We have been asked to write about the future, the afterlife of the pandemic, but the future can never be told. This at least was the view of the economist John Maynard Keynes, who was commissioned to edit a series of ...

Steel will be vital to the green revolution, but our industry needs help to change

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When I say to people that steel is a vital part of the solution to the climate crisis, I get a lot of confused looks. The global steel market is currently worth an estimated $2.5tn (£1.8tn) and produces 9% of global e...

The Lodger review – Jacqueline Bisset’s slinky landlady holds key to lurid thriller

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At one point in this loopy French thriller, Elizabeth, the antagonist landlady played by Jacqueline Bisset, gets herself all gussied up with loads of slap and a slinky dress just to show off to her lodger Julie (Alice...