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Books to bring us together: Jennifer Egan, Howard Jacobson, Monica Ali and more share their picks

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Lanier’s provocatively titled book may in itself appear divisive, but the tools for unity are abundant within this brief and lucid volume. Chief among them is Lanier’s reminder that strife and division –– conflict, in ...

Mother’s Boy by Howard Jacobson review – a captivatingly melodramatic memoir

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Can you die of not writing a novel, asks Howard Jacobson towards the end of this memoir of his tortured journey towards doing precisely that. The question is posed partly by his present self, who has turned out 16 van ...

Howard Jacobson: ‘I’m my mother’s son, which was terrible news for my father’

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I am born. It is August 1942. My father steps out of his barracks in north Wales, puts out his hand and feels no rain, looks up and sees no bombs, hopes the quiet sky augurs well for my mother who is due to give birth...