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Israel’s shadow war with Iran

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A spate of attacks on one of the world’s busiest shipping trade routes is part of an escalating tit-for-tat conflict playing out between Iran and Israel, says Martin Chulov, the Guardian’s Middle East correspondent ...

Israel’s unlikely coalition: is this the end for Netanyahu?

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Israel has a new coalition government made up of eight very different parties. But having ousted Benjamin Netanyahu, can it hold together? Cómo escuchar podcasts: todo ...

Netanyahu’s exit will not solve all of Israel’s problems – but it’s a very good start

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It could be over before it starts. As you read this, it may already be unravelling. But a new government has been formed in Israel, thereby removing the man who has ruled that country longer than anyone else. Benjamin...

Israel’s fragile anti-Netanyahu coalition in race to get sworn in

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Israeli opposition politicians set on ejecting Benjamin Netanyahu from office are rushing to establish a government, as the country’s longest-serving prime minister gathered allies for an emergency meeting to strategi...

Naftali Bennett: Israel’s far-right prime minister in waiting

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Naftali Bennett does not believe in a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. His aim instead is to “manage” it in perpetuity and always from a position of ultimate Israeli control over Palestinians. The hardline ...

destello: US supports Israel’s right to defence against Hamas – video

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The US secretary of state has arrived in Jerusalem at the start of a Middle East tour aimed at shoring up the Gaza ceasefire. In a joint press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, Antony Bli...

Israel’s security cabinet approves Gaza ceasefire

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Israel’s security cabinet has approved a ceasefire to halt an 11-day bombardment of Gaza, after days of international pressure to end the bloodshed. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced the “mu...

Israel’s military says ground troops have begun to attack Gaza – follow updates

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Latest news as IDF confirm ground troops attacking the Gaza Strip. It is not yet clear whether the operation is a full-scale invasion

Netanyahu de Israel lucha por formar gobierno antes de la fecha límite

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Benjamin Netanyahu está luchando por formar un gobierno en Israel antes de la fecha límite de medianoche, con pocas señales de que el líder más antiguo del país pueda poner fin a más de dos años de estancamiento político. Following an in...

The US media is touting Israel’s Covid recovery. But occupied Palestinians are left out

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The US media has widely lauded Israel’s vaccine success - as a country in a “post-pandemic future” of concerts and indoor dining; as a country that could teach the United States a few lessons in pandemic management; a...

‘Racist and reprehensible’: Jewish Power set to enter Israel’s parliament

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After another muddied election result, Benjamin Netanyahu is betting on a partnership with a group so extreme even the prime minister’s usually unflinching backers from the pro-Israel US lobby cannot stomach it. The A...

Israel’s military courts for Palestinians are a stain on international justice

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The overwhelming majority of Palestinians in the West Bank were born into, and have spent their entire lives under, an Israeli military occupation that violates their right to self-determination. A new report by the U...