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Israel labels Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organisations

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Israel has accused six prominent Palestinian human rights groups of being terrorist organisations, saying they have undercover links to a militant movement. Most of the groups document alleged human rights violations ...

US and Israel exploring ‘plan B’ for if Iran does not resume nuclear talks

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The United States and Israel have warned that they are exploring a “plan B” for dealing with Iran if Tehran does not return in good faith to negotiations to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. With talks to revive the deal...

Scott McTominay’s late strike caps Scotland’s thrilling win over Israel

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So much for tight, grim affairs between Scotland and Israel. A seventh meeting in three years broke the mould of anything that had come before. This was a breathless encounter, a game for the ages, as befitting the lo...

Israel accuses Iran of attack attempt against Israelis in Cyprus

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Israel has accused Iran of orchestrating an attempted attack against Israelis in Cyprus after police on the Mediterranean island said an armed individual had been arrested. “This was a terrorist incident directed by ...

Noticias en vivo de Covid: scientists warn UK may have worst to come; Israel tightens vaccine passport rules

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Fears the indoor socialising will spread virus in UK; Israel says people only eligible for green pass if they have received a booster jab

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Las vacunas de refuerzo en Israel frenan enfermedades graves, los datos sugieren; Expertos de Hong Kong recomiendan una inyección de Pfizer para adolescentes

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Los expertos en Israel dicen que los datos recientes respaldan las afirmaciones del gobierno de que las inyecciones de refuerzo han frenado un aumento en los casos graves., mientras que un panel en Hong Kong ha recomendado a los niños de 12-17 debe recibir solo una dosis de Bi ...

Israel catches two of six Palestinian militants who escaped from jail

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Israeli police have caught two of the six Palestinians who escaped a maximum-security prison this week in a daring prison break that has captured the country’s attention. Police said the two were caught in northern Is...

Fuga de la prisión de Israel: El escape supuestamente tuvo lugar mientras el guardia dormía.

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The escape of six high security Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli prison took place amid a parade of farcical errors that included the reported availability of prison blueprints online and a sleeping guard in a wa...

Israel: Las gemelas siameses de un año se ven por primera vez después de la cirugía - video

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Las gemelas de un año se miraron por primera vez después de una compleja cirugía para separarlas en el centro médico Soroka en Beersheba., Israel. Decenas de expertos de Israel y del extranjero participaron en el ...

Israel says US plan to reopen Jerusalem consulate is ‘bad idea’

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Israel has said a US plan to reopen its consulate in Jerusalem that was traditionally a base for diplomatic outreach to Palestinians is a “bad idea” and could destabilise the prime minister’s new government. The previ...

Israel registers record daily coronavirus cases

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Israel has recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus cases with nearly 11,000 nuevas infecciones, amid a surge caused by the highly transmissible Delta variant as schools prepare to re-open. The previous high came ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Hawaii governor wants to curb travel; Israel boosters ‘beating Delta’

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US state asks people to reduce movement to tackle spread of Delta strain; Israel sees cases dip in wake of third shots; Australia’s Crood plan

Israel preparing to resume settlement building in West Bank

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Israel is preparing to resume settlement building in the occupied West Bank after a hiatus of almost a year, the country’s defence minister has said. A planning council committee is expected to meet next week to appro...

Israel targets Hamas sites after balloons from Gaza ignite fires

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Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip in response to incendiary balloons launched from the Palestinian enclave, Israel’s military said. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the ...

Israel launches airstrikes in Lebanon in response to rockets

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Israel escalated its response to rocket attacks this week by launching airstrikes on Lebanon, the Israeli military has said. The military said in a statement that jets struck the launch sites from which rockets had be...

Israel supreme court decision expected on Sheikh Jarrah evictions

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Israel’s supreme court is due to make a decision on whether to evict Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in a final hearing in the controversial case that helped spark communal...

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