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Yorkshire care home resident, 100, pleads for end to Covid isolation

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A 100-year-old care home resident has issued a video plea for greater freedom, complaining that thousands of people can go to pop festivals but she is being prevented from seeing two of her children at her home in Yor...

Covid isolation, medals and strife: how US fencing became a nexus of controversy

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Though soccer and rugby teams have taken a knee before matches at the Tokyo Olympics to protest racial injustice, how the authorities would react to a demonstration during a medal ceremony remains to be seen. Should t...

Keir Starmer urges No 10 to bring forward Covid isolation end date

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Keir Starmer has challenged Downing Street to bring forward the date on which fully vaccinated people in England can avoid coronavirus isolation if they have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, in a...

Minister rules out wider use of Covid isolation exemption in England

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Exemptions that will enable more than 10,000 people in the food sector in England to avoid self-isolation if they are notified by the NHS Covid-19 app will not be extended to other sectors such as hospitality, the env...

Daily Covid tests for students found to be as effective as group isolation

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Scientists have recommended daily tests for students who come into contact with Covid cases at secondary schools and colleges after finding that it prevents the spread of infection as much as sending whole bubbles hom...

Isolation nation: loneliness afflicts people and pets – and now even plants are feeling it

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Nombre: Loneliness. Envejecer: One day old. Apariencia: A forlorn leaf, trembling alone, crushed by the impossible weight of existence. Perdón, are you talking about humans here or plants? Plants! Our poor forsaken plants, le...

Questions grow over pilot scheme after Johnson and Sunak isolation U-turn

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Boris Johnson’s plan to lift England’s remaining lockdown restrictions was overshadowed by a furious backlash against the prime minister and his chancellor on Sunday, triggering a hasty U-turn and prompting questions ...

Sesión informativa del viernes: isolation nation

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Buenos días a todos. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories this morning. Hasta 1.6 million people in England have been told to isolate in a single week, according to analysis by the Guardian, as fears grow tha...

Dozens die after fire in Covid isolation ward at hospital in southern Iraq

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Por lo menos 50 people have died after a fire tore through the Covid isolation ward at a hospital in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah. The death toll is expected to rise, as search operations at al-Hussain coronavirus...

England’s Mason Mount ready to start against Germany despite isolation

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Mason Mount is confident he will be ready to start England’s last-16 tie against Germany, even though the midfielder and Ben Chilwell will not be allowed to rejoin their teammates until the day of the game. The Footba...

How will isolation affect long-term immunity?

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Every time you kiss another human being intimately for 10 segundos, more than 80m bacteria are transferred from mouth to mouth. If you’re at a party and double dip your tortilla chip into the salsa three times, alrededor ...

Las familias cuestionan la regla de aislamiento para las visitas fuera de los hogares de ancianos ingleses

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Los familiares de los residentes del hogar de ancianos están exigiendo que el gobierno elimine el requisito de que cualquier persona que realice visitas fuera del hogar debe aislarse en su habitación durante dos semanas después.. Los familiares podrán llevarse a un ser querido..

Former health secretary Norman Fowler: ‘Some said those with HIV should be in isolation. Perpetually’

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In late 1985, Norman Fowler, who was then the health secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s government, sent a letter to the prime minister. He said that there had been 275 people with Aids in the UK that year. Of these, 14...

‘You might be the only person they’ve seen all week’: how two charities are tackling isolation during Covid

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Social connection is critical for wellbeing – during the pandemic, the work of charities that promote inclusion has become vitalIn County Fermanagh, Irlanda del Norte, there is an elderly man who lives in a caravan, al...