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Life after loneliness: ‘At school, I was incredibly isolated – then I learned to build deep, thriving friendships’

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I am sure I was not the only one, when lockdown was announced last March, to wonder if I was more scared of loneliness than I was of the virus. As a disabled person, I knew I was in for the isolation long-haul. Apart ...

Life after loneliness: ‘I was a single, isolated workaholic – until I learned to love my own company’

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I have had several periods of loneliness in my life, but none more intense than after my second divorce. I was single for almost a decade, and despite being busy, and having a great job in TV, the reality was that I w...

Isolated Biden in bid to forge UN consensus on conflict

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The UN security council will meet in open session on Sunday to attempt to salvage a common position on the new conflict between Israel and Hamas after a week in which the US has faced isolation in its efforts to defen...

Boris Johnson ‘isolated and at risk of becoming uncontrollable’

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Boris Johnson is isolated in Downing Street with no longstanding trusted aides and at at risk of becoming “uncontrollable”, Tory sources have said after he allegedly personally briefed against Dominic Cummings followi...

How lighthouse keepers show us the way in dark, isolated times

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Imagine being a lighthouse keeper. Before I dropped beneath the surface of this secluded, often secretive, occupation, the idea brought to mind wind-blown seagulls, or a bearded sea dog chewing his pipe. Such is the r...

Chart star Joel Corry: ‘I’m pretty isolated. I have one good friend

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Amid the draining gloom of pandemic life, Joel Corry has been a soothing constant: if you have turned on the radio at any time in the past year, there is a huge chance that one of the British pop-house producer’s thre...