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Tonga volcano: distress signal detected in low-lying islands after eruption, as first death reported

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A distress signal has been detected in an isolated, low-lying group of Tongan islands after Saturday’s huge volcanic eruption, even as most external communications remain down, and diaspora families anxiously await ne...

Galápagos islands volcano erupts spewing lava and clouds of ash

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The tallest mountain in the Galápagos islands has erupted, spewing lava down its flanks and clouds of ash over the Pacific Ocean, according to Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute. A cloud of gas and ash from Wolf Volcano...

Otra revisión del paraíso: arrojando luz sobre la farsa de las islas Chagos

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Hace cincuenta años, Toda la población criolla de las Islas Chagos fue sacada a la fuerza de sus hogares por las fuerzas británicas para dar paso a una base militar estadounidense.. Las familias fueron destrozadas, esparcidos entre el ...

Trauma, dislocation, pollution: why Māori leaders want control of the South Island’s water

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On the eve of their tribe’s settlement with the crown, Gabrielle Huria and Te Maire Tau walked out on to the cracked, dry earth of Tūtaepatu lagoon’s bed. The lagoon’s edges, once thick with flax, had been choked by i...

China equipará y capacitará a la fuerza policial de las Islas Salomón

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China enviará policías a las Islas Salomón para ayudar a capacitar a su fuerza policial, la nación insular del Pacífico dice, después de los disturbios del mes pasado provocados por la 2019 cambio de relaciones diplomáticas a Beijing f ...

Cook Islands panic abates after first ever Covid case proves to be a false alarm

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The Cook Islands has spent recent days in a state of panic. El viernes, the tiny Pacific country, one of the few countries to avoid any Covid cases throughout the pandemic, announced its first case: a 10-year-old boy w...

Life Between Islands review – a mind-altering portrait of British Caribbean life through art

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Exhilarating, mighty, radical, tender, as disturbing as it is beautiful, Life Between Islands is a revelation from first to last. It follows 70 years of tumultuous history through art. Agonising departures and brutal ...

Russia sends defence missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan

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Russia has deployed coastal defence missile systems near Pacific islands also claimed by Japan, a move intended to underline Moscow’s firm stance in the dispute. The Bastion missile systems were moved to Matua, a dese...

Wild horses and car-free islands: four of the best eco-travel gems in Germany

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How many German cities can you name, outside Berlin, Munich and Hamburg? What about the country’s 16 regions, or any of its 14 national parks? While many of us can discuss the merits of Puglia, Andalucía or the Algarv...

Disturbios en las Islas Salomón: New Zealand to send dozens of peacekeepers

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered police and troops to join an international peacekeeping mission in the crisis-hit Solomon Islands following deadly anti-government riots. Ardern said on Wednesday ...

Life Between Islands review: displaying the power and passion of Caribbean-British art

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Life Between Islands is an exhibition of protests and pleasures, celebrations and insurrections. Several years in the making, and as important as it is timely – as well as long overdue – it is also an exhibition of ar...

Fiji sends 50 peacekeepers to Solomon Islands

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Fiji will contribute 50 troops to an Australian-led peacekeeping force in Solomon Islands after anti-government rioting that razed parts of the capital of Honiara, the Fijian prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has sai...

Disturbios en las Islas Salomón: Tres cuerpos encontrados en edificio incendiado.

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Los cuerpos de tres personas han sido descubiertos en un edificio incendiado en la capital de las Islas Salomón, Honiara., las primeras muertes reportadas después de días de disturbios. Los cuerpos carbonizados fueron descubiertos en una tienda en el ...

Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: advertencias de inundaciones cuando las fuertes lluvias azotan Nueva Gales del Sur; personal de la policía y la defensa vuelan a las Islas Salomón

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Australia en camino a su primavera más húmeda en una década; El gobierno de Morrison envía ayuda para controlar los disturbios en las Islas Salomón: siga las últimas actualizaciones en vivo

Wild horses and car-free islands: four of Germany’s hidden eco-travel gems

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How many German cities can you name, outside Berlin, Munich and Hamburg? What about the country’s 16 regions, or any of its 14 national parks? While many of us can discuss the merits of Puglia, Andalucía or the Algarv...

Honiara’s Chinatown targeted as violent protests break out for second day in Solomon Islands

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Fresh protests have broken out in Solomon Islands’ capital Honiara, witnesses have said, a day after demonstrators attempted to storm parliament and topple prime minister Manasseh Sogavare. The Australian government s...

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