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Love Islanders to be named and shamed for not declaring paid-for posts

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Social media stars including Jodie Marsh and five ex-Love Islanders including Francesca Allen are to be subjected to a name and shame Instagram campaign by the UK’s advertising watchdog for continuing to flout social ...

Skotse eilandbewoners begin Airbnb-mededinger in die stryd teen tweedehuiskrisis

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Rhoda Meek ken die krag van Skotse eilande wat saamwerk. Tydens die eerste inperking het sy 'n webwerf vir meer as 360 besighede van Arran tot Ulva om hul ware te verkoop terwyl die pandemie besoekers verhoed het...

Pacific islanders aren’t just victims – we know how to fight the climate crisis

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As I travelled on the train to Glasgow for Cop26 a few days ago, I felt the enormous power of my people and my ancestors around me. I am a Samoan, from one of the regions most threatened by climate breakdown, ten spyte van ...

These Maldives islanders once saw sharks as the threat. Now they fear the plastic

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“People used to think I was crazy,” says Lonu Ahmed. “Even my mum thought I was insane. Fishermen used to beg me not to dive with sharks.” Ahmed lives on the island of Fuvahmulah in the Maldives, an island surrounded ...

‘It’s incredibly poor’: Scottish islanders angry at failing ferry service

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The perfume and toiletries shop overlooking Brodick Bay on Arran is normally packed in the summer, as day-trippers and holidaymakers stream off the mainland ferries at the busy terminal just across the bay. But this s...

Nuts for coco de mer: islanders rally to save world’s biggest seed

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“The coco de mer is a much-loved cultural and botanical icon of the Seychelles,” says Katy Beaver, a plant expert on the islands who has been studying the rare palm for many years. The coco de mer, also known as the s...