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"La mayoría de la gente no sabe cómo disparar o editar la piel oscura": la mejor foto de teléfono de Isaac West

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Isaac West buscaba un momento de autenticidad. Conocía a las modelos sudanesas Juor y Odur desde hacía unos años.; ambos viven en los EE. UU., como el. Su encargo fue retratar un momento de ternura entre una pareja. “...

Ignore this manufactured crisis: free speech is alive and well in our universities

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Political and press interest in what happens in universities is intense and the freedom of speech issue is at the centre of the culture wars being fought by this government. Antagonism by the press and some right-lean...

Isaac Herzog: Israel’s new president is softly spoken veteran of centre-left

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Isaac Herzog’s election by MPs as Israel’s new president, set against the backdrop of coalition deliberations that could seal the end of Benjamin Netanyahu’s long grip on power as the country’s prime minister, is a ne...

Oscar Isaac films – ranked!

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Casting the rakish, eager Isaac as a Han Solo figure in the latest Star Wars cycle seemed a great idea on paper. In the first of his outings, the character was thin but animated by his sturdy labrador charisma; he loo...

Sábado noche en directo: Oscar Isaac makes for game host in mixed bag episode

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Saturday Night Live opens on Fox News’s Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular, hosted by Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat) and Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon), both of whom recently got a lot of heat for their pro-Russ...