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Monkeypox cases confirmed in Wales and Northern Ireland

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Cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Wales and Northern Ireland, public health officials have announced, as experts stress the risk to the general public remains low. Public Health Wales, which has confirmed one ...

‘It can’t be sidelined’: bill aims to give Irish official status in Northern Ireland

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Gregory Campbell, a Democratic Unionist party MP in Northern Ireland, once expressed his scorn for the Irish language with six words that became infamous: “Curry my yoghurt, can coca coalyer.” He coined the gibberish ...

Liz Truss rejects plea from Biden ally not to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol

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Liz Truss is resisting pressure from a close ally of Joe Biden not to rewrite the Brexit deal’s Northern Ireland protocol, saying she will not let the impasse “drag on”. The foreign secretary is facing concerted press...

Pelosi avverte che le modifiche al protocollo dell'Irlanda del Nord potrebbero influenzare l'accordo commerciale degli Stati Uniti con la Gran Bretagna

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Il presidente della Camera degli Stati Uniti, Nancy Pelosi, ha avvertito che la legislazione unilaterale del Regno Unito che interessa il protocollo dell'Irlanda del Nord potrebbe mettere in pericolo le prospettive britanniche di un accordo di libero scambio con gli Stati Uniti. L'intervento senza mezzi termini di Pelosi...

UK government to accelerate abortion services delivery in Northern Ireland

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The UK government has announced plans to accelerate the delivery of abortion services in Northern Ireland almost three years after they were legalised in the region. Brandon Lewis, the secretary of state for Northern ...

The Guardian view on the Northern Ireland protocol bill: provocative and needless

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At the recent Stormont elections, a majority of voters supported parties that broadly back the Northern Ireland protocol. Local business leaders have urged Boris Johnson to abandon the threat to unilaterally tear part...

EU raises spectre of trade war if UK rewrites Northern Ireland protocol

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The European Commission has raised the spectre of an economically damaging trade war with the UK, pledging to respond with “all measures at its disposal” if Liz Truss presses ahead with a plan to rewrite the Northern ...

Reality check: the Northern Ireland protocol isn’t the problem, Brexit is

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The Conservative party was happy with Brexit, but not for long. A deal that was great in 2019 is now not great. What could fix it? What change would bring enduring satisfaction? The answer is obvious to anyone familia...

UK to table bill to scrap Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, Liz Truss says

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Liz Truss has claimed the east-west relationship between Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been “undermined” by the Northern Ireland protocol, as she confirmed plans to table legislation that would scrap parts of...

M&S chair attacks ‘pointless’ post-Brexit rules for Northern Ireland

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The chairman of Marks & Spencer has backed government plans to override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol, saying that some food exported south of the border now requires 700 pages of customs documents, partl...

Three ways EU could retaliate if UK ditches Northern Ireland protocol

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The EU could impose tariffs on UK fish and agricultural goods in just seven days if Boris Johnson goes ahead with moves to disapply parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, legal experts have said. The short, Hikaru Nakamura vince a Berlino mentre il famoso streamer di scacchi guida il Grand Prix.

Plan to scrap parts of Northern Ireland protocol is only an ‘insurance policy’, dice Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson has said a legal move to ditch parts of the Northern Ireland protocol is only an “insurance” policy, as it emerged that the controversial legislation has been delayed for some weeks. In caso contrario, potrebbe, the forei...

Boris Johnson created this Brexit mess in Northern Ireland – and he should own it

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Two of Boris Johnson’s most reckless chickens are coming home to roost. To get hard Brexit into law and topple his predecessor, Theresa May, he told Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party that he would allow no ...

Boris Johnson poised to give green light to bill on Northern Ireland protocol

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Boris Johnson is poised to give the green light to controversial legislation on the Northern Ireland protocol this week as he flies to Belfast for crunch meetings, gambling that the move will restart stalled talks. L...

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