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Reseña de The Invisible Pilot: el documental sobre crímenes reales deja mil preguntas sin respuesta

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La falta de ambición en El piloto invisible, la última oferta de Sky Documentaries, es evidente desde el principio. “La verdad es más extraña que la ficción,cuenta uno de los testigos de la historia que está a punto de desarrollarse ...

Dark matter: search for the invisible begins in an old gold mine

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In a former gold mine a mile underground, inside a titanium tank filled with a rare liquified gas, scientists have begun the search for what so far has been unfindable: dark matter. Scientists are pretty sure the invi...

Julia Gillard says Covid-led shift to remote working could render some female employees ‘invisible’

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Former prime minister Julia Gillard says women risk becoming “invisible behind the screen” during the Covid-led transition to remote working and has urged bosses to ensure female employees working from home aren’t ove...

The invisible Ukrainian who walked 225km to safety from Mariupol

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The aim was to be the invisible man, says Igor Pedin, 61. It was to drift, as if a ghost, with his small trolley bag of supplies and dog Zhu-Zhu, a nine-year-old mongrel terrier, through the hellscape of the besieged ...

Boris Charmatz / Boris Charmatz, Boris Charmatz

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Boris Charmatz. Boris Charmatz, Boris Charmatz.

‘Almost invisible’: Germans lose patience with Olaf Scholz as he hesitates on Ukraine

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Germany’s new chancellor Olaf Scholz is waving goodbye to the honeymoon period of his tenure, as his “inaudible” stance over the brewing crisis on the Ukrainian border is failing to impress not just Russia-hawks abroa...

Invisible headphones to chameleon cars: standout tech from CES 2022

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From colour-shifting cars to digital art TVs and stress-predicting watches, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which opened on Wednesday, offered its usual mix of wacky, visionary and desirable goods. ...

Vida despues de la soledad: "Me sentí desolado, invisible, en pánico, entonces renuncié a mi doctorado y recuperé mi vida "

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era 22 y se puso en un cierto camino. Un estudiante de posgrado, Estaba haciendo una maestría en un centro de género, y escribiendo una disertación sobre un grupo de filósofas feministas francesas. Se sintió emocionante, trabajo importante. PAG...

An invisible threat has pushed us to our limits. Small wonder our brains are overwrought

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Para mí, it was a shoe. One missing shoe. Honestamente, it wasn’t even a great shoe, just one that I wear to walk the dog. But it was gone. Apparently to the same place all the solitary socks have gone, up there in footwea...

Revisión de la vida invisible de Euridice Gusmāo: las hermanas luchan contra el dolor del patriarcado

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"¿Qué quieres de la vida??"Un esposo le grita borracho a su esposa en el hermoso y conmovedor melodrama de Karim Aïnouz ambientado en la década de 1950 en Río de Janeiro.. La esposa del hombre es Euridice (Julia Stockler) y lo que ella quiere es t ...

The invisible migrant workers propping up Ireland’s €4bn meat industry

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En primavera 2018, Alina Serbenco’s husband, Vasile, sat in a fast-food outlet in Dublin and plugged his mobile phone into a socket to recharge. It had been only a few months since he had moved from Romania to take up a ...

Atlas of the Invisible: using data to map the climate crisis

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In a new book, Atlas of the Invisible, the geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliver Uberti redefine what an atlas can be. The following eight graphics reveal some of the causes and consequences of the climate cri...

Invisible Walls by Hella Pick review – from Cold War to Brexit Britain

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Su 1979, and Hella Pick is reporting a mass given by Pope John Paul II at Auschwitz. The altar has been set up on the railway platform from where victims of the Nazis were taken to the gas chambers; journalists are ...

Invisible Music by Polly Paulusma review – a vibrant celebration of Angela Carter the folkie

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The folk-singing interests of the novelist Angela Carter are usually confined to the margins of literary commentary, but alongside her first husband the mistress of magical realism was an ardent enthusiast of traditio...

Invisible Walls by Hella Pick review – vital lessons from a titan of journalism

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I have never forgotten those who were kind to me when I had no journalistic name to speak of, just as I retain specific memories of those who were arrogant, dismissive or patronising. From each I have learned somethin...

How Meghan disrupted ‘invisible contract’ between royals and press

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In an interview stuffed with quotable lines, it was among the most resonant: the “invisible contract”, as the Duke of Sussex called it, that has bound the royal family and reporters together for years. In this telling...