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Dit sou die herstel terughou

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Brittanje loop die risiko om vasgevang te raak in 'n bose kringloop van lae groei en hoë belasting, tensy die regering radikale stappe neem om beleggings 'n hupstoot te gee., vaardighede in te samel, sny rompslomp en ontgin die geleenthede van die groen ek...

The Didi clampdown marks a sea change in the politics of global investment

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It’s tech, it’s Chinese and it looks a bit like Uber, so it must be hugely valuable. That, we must assume, was the analysis of those US investors who piled into Didi last week as the ride-sharing app listed in New Yor...

UK vorm 'n groen beleggingsvennootskap met Bill Gates - besigheid lewendig

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Ireland’s film industry booms on back on record investment

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Olivia Colman and Josh O’Connor were last on screen together as the Queen and Prince Charles, but since then the stars of The Crown are among an array of A-listers who spent part of pandemic in Ireland where film and ...

London attracts almost half foreign investment into UK, says ONS

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The government’s challenge in levelling up Britain’s economy has been highlighted by new official data showing London accounted for almost half of foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK in the pre-pandemic year o...

Net zero plan will ‘unlock£90bn in investment over a decade – video

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Greg Hands, the minister of state at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, announced the government net zero strategy before this month's Cop26 conference. The plan aims to create 440,000 jobs a...

Women-led UK firms struggle to attract equal investment, studie bevind

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Companies led by women disproportionately attract less investment than those led by men, according to a large-scale study of female entrepreneurship in the UK. The Gender Index, which was launched on Thursday, is a re...

Big rise in UK weekend cycling amid calls for more investment

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There has been a boom in weekend cycling over the past two years with new data showing a rise in leisure-time cycling of up to 60% in some parts of the country. Egter, weekday cycling numbers in England remain at pr...

Rishi Sunak to launch £1.4bn fund to attract more overseas investment

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The government is to launch a £1.4bn fund to attract more overseas investment into the UK economy, particularly in sectors such as life sciences and electric vehicle production. In his budget announcement on Wednesday...

UK needs better skills to win foreign investment battle, bevind verslag

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Britain risks being left behind in the increasingly intense battle for investment from overseas unless it can improve the level of skills on offer to foreign firms, according to a hard-hitting report. A taskforce head...

Team GB Tokyo 2020 Olympics 50p coin is on track to be a winning investment

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Sports fans watching the Olympics this weekend might be tempted to buy a Team GB commemorative 50p coin – and if past experience is any guide, it could turn out to be a good investment. In Januarie 2020, the Royal Mint...

'Chroniese' gebrek aan belegging in Britse laerskoolbiblioteke aan die lig gebring

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Daar is 'n "chroniese" gebrek aan belegging in laerskoolbiblioteke in die VK, met onderwysers wat dikwels gedwing word om leesmateriaal vir kinders met hul eie geld te koop, volgens 'n nuwe studie. Maar 'n alliansie tussen t...

Wetherspoon to create 2,000 jobs with post-lockdown investment

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JD Wetherspoon is going against the grain of closures in the struggling pub trade with a £145m investment in new venues and refurbishments which will create 2,000 werksgeleenthede. Wetherspoon’s said it had a pipeline of 75 proje...

Australian advocacy groups push for government investment to stop sexual violence

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A coalition of advocacy groups has intensified calls for Australian governments to increase investment in preventing sexual violence and supporting victims, and adopt a greater focus on intervention for perpetrators. ...

Spreading the wealth: Black-owned investment firms tackle the racial finance gap

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Black investors have long been underrepresented in the stock market; enigste 33.5% of Black American households owned stocks in 2019, according to Federal Reserve data. But that’s beginning to change. Across the country,...

Unite conference centre is a sensible investment

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Endemic sleaze is indeed engulfing this government and degrading our public realm, but Jonathan Freedland does his case against Boris Johnson no good by including a cheap swipe at Unite (This is Tory sleaze. Don’t let...

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