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TikTok investigating claims executive said he ‘didn’t believe’ in maternity leave

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TikTok says it is investigating remarks allegedly made by a senior executive disparaging the concept of maternity leave, amid reports he is stepping back from his role. Joshua Ma, the head of the company’s e-commerce ...

Watchdog investigating another Met police strip-search of a child

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The police watchdog has confirmed it is investigating the strip-search of another child by the Metropolitan police, after two other controversial cases. Two teenage girls, known as Child Q and Olivia, were strip-searc...

‘She has been horribly isolated’: friends say Sue Gray was deliberately ostracised while investigating Partygate

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For the past five months, senior civil servant Sue Gray has been holed up in a nondescript office at No 70 Whitehall, along with a handful of young officials. Despite the size of her task investigating Partygate she h...

Fifa investigating accusations of sexual abuse against refereeing instructor

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Fifa has confirmed its ethics committee is investigating allegations of sexual abuse and harassment made against one of its refereeing instructors and the Colombian Football Federation’s head of referees. Óscar Julián...

die FDNY..

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die FDNY.. (die FDNY..) die FDNY.. 74 die FDNY... die FDNY...

Consumer watchdog investigating Qantas flight credits policy

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Qantas’s flight credits policy is at the centre of a complaint to the consumer watchdog, with reports some customers have faced difficulties using vouchers after flight cancellations during the pandemic. Dean Price, a ...

Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek

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Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek 6 Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek. Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek, Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek, Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek.

Lawsuit aims to stop Texas investigating parents seeking care for trans children

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America’s largest civil rights non-profit has filed a lawsuit asking a Texas state court to block officials from investigating parents who seek medically necessary gender-affirming care for their children. The lawsuit...

Las Vegas police investigating death of comedian and dancer Donny Davis

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Las Vegas police are investigating the death of the comedian and performer Donny Davis, who was found unresponsive after a night with several people at a luxury hotel on the strip. Davis, 43, danced for several years ...

Met investigating cash-for-honours claims linked to Prince’s Foundation

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The Metropolitan police have launched an investigation into cash-for-honours allegations linked to the Prince of Wales’s charity the Prince’s Foundation. Scotland Yard said in a statement: “The Metropolitan police ser...

Mitch McConnell rebukes RNC for censuring party members investigating ‘violent insurrection’

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Mitch McConnell criticized the Republican National Committee for censuring Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger over their work for the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol...

Canada investigating anti-vaxxers for allegedly desecrating monuments

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Police in Canada’s capital are investigating possible criminal charges after anti-vaccine protesters urinated on the National War Memorial, danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, harassed volunteers at a soup kitc...

Police investigating party in Boris and Carrie Johnson’s flat

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A party in Boris and Carrie Johnson’s flat is one of 12 events being investigated by the Metropolitan police over alleged lockdown breaches, dit het na vore gekom, as the Sue Gray report found “failures of leadership and jud...

Met police investigating Downing Street parties, Cressida Dick says

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The Metropolitan police are investigating allegations surrounding parties at Downing Street and in Whitehall after receiving evidence from Sue Gray’s inquiry – a move which will delay the report’s publication. Boris J...

Met investigating Tory peer Michelle Mone over ‘racist message’

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The Conservative peer Michelle Mone is being investigated by the Metropolitan police for an allegedly racist message she is accused of sending to a man of Indian heritage. The recipient of the message, Richard Lynton-...

SEC investigating Tesla over claims it hid solar panel fire risks

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The US securities regulator has opened an investigation into Tesla over a whistleblower complaint that the company failed to properly notify its shareholders and the public of fire risks associated with solar panel sy...

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