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Post haste: Alabama police investigate mystery of ravine full of FedEx packages

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An Alabama sheriff was on Friday trying to figure out how hundreds of FedEx packages ended up dumped in the woods. Un estimado 300 a 400 packages of various sizes were found in a ravine near the small town of Hayden...

Estados de EE. UU. Investigan Instagram por "causar estragos" en la salud mental de los adolescentes

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Una coalición bipartidista de fiscales generales estatales de EE. UU. Ha abierto una investigación sobre Facebook por promover Instagram entre los niños a pesar de que la propia empresa era consciente de sus posibles daños.. La investigación, que yo ....

DoJ to investigate Alabama’s sewage failures over possible discrimination

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Four years after a shocking discovery revealed hookworm in the US’s rural south, the justice department has announced it will investigate sanitation failures in Lowndes county, a majority Black county in Alabama. “San...

Police investigate people taking partially nude photos near Russian landmarks

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Police have launched a wave of investigations against young people, mainly women, in recent weeks for taking partially nude or sexually suggestive photographs next to Russian landmarks. At least four cases have been r...

pavo: police investigate false online rumours that Erdoğan has died

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Thirty people are facing legal proceedings after Turkish police launched an investigation into the spread of rumours on social media that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had died. Twitter users who posted under the tre...

Police investigate reports of spiking by needle at Nottingham clubs

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A man has been arrested as Nottinghamshire police investigate reports of women being injected with needles on nights out in the past fortnight, and there have been calls for a boycott of nightclubs in at least 30 town...

La policía investiga después de que una mujer y su hijo murieran en otoño en el estadio de béisbol de San Diego

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La policía de San Diego estaba investigando la muerte de una mujer y su hijo de dos años después de que cayeran desde el tercer nivel de Petco Park el sábado., justo cuando miles de fanáticos del béisbol se dirigían al interior para disfrutar de un juego de los Padres..

Scientists investigate hundreds of guillemot deaths on UK coastline

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Several hundred seabirds have been found dead along the coasts of north-east England and Scotland, while many have been discovered emaciated. The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), which is investigating the c...

Police investigate arson attack on Didsbury mosque as a hate crime

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Police are investigating an arson attack on a mosque in Greater Manchester as a hate crime. Officers were called to a report of a fire at Didsbury mosque, which is on the junction of Barlow Moor Road and Burton Road, ...

Police investigate homophobic assault at knifepoint in Madrid

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Police in Madrid are investigating a vicious homophobic attack in which eight hooded men forced their way into the home of a young gay man, held him down at knifepoint and carved the word “faggot” into one of his butt...

Brazilian police investigate Argentina’s four Premier League players

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Brazilian federal police have opened an inquiry to investigate the four Argentina players whose presence at Sunday’s World Cup qualifier in Brazil caused the match to be abandoned. Aston Villa’s Emiliano Martínez and...

Hong Kong police investigate organisers of Tiananmen Square vigil

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Hong Kong’s national security police are investigating the organisers of a vigil commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre for alleged foreign collusion offences. Chow Hang-tung, the vice-chair of the Hong Kong Alli...

What is high school like around the world? A new film lets students investigate

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Sadie, a 16-year-old high school junior in Harpswell, Maine, felt off-kilter in her American high school – too much memorization, not enough relevance to hands-on work in prospective careers. “I know it doesn’t have t...

Mauritius’s FA in turmoil as police investigate phone in women’s toilets

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The president of the Mauritius Football Association has denied it is in turmoil after two board members stepped down over its handling of accusations a mobile phone in video recording mode was hidden in the women’s to...

French police investigate rising number of fake Covid vaccine certificates

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Police in France are investigating a series of Covid-19 vaccine certificate scams after several doctors reported having their health service accounts hacked. In the latest incident, one of several forgery rackets unde...

Police investigate recording device found in women’s toilets at Mauritius FA

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Several employees of the Mauritius Football Association have been summoned by police after an employee said she had discovered a mobile phone in video recording mode hidden in the women’s toilets at the association’s ...

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