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New York to investigate social media platforms used by Buffalo shooter

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New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, on Wednesday said her office was investigating social media companies the Buffalo grocery store gunman used to plan, promote and stream the massacre that left 10 dood. James...

Civil rights lawyer Crump: investigate Buffalo shooting as domestic terrorism

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A day ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Buffalo, the leading civil rights attorney Ben Crump said federal officials should define the mass shooting at a grocery store in the city on Saturday as an “act of domestic terrori...

Police investigate racist abuse of families of Brentford players at Everton

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Everton are helping police after Brentford’s Rico Henry and Ivan Toney claimed members of their family were racially abused in the Premier League match at Goodison Park. Henry, who scored the winning goal in Sunday’s...

Police investigate after Nevaeh Austin allegedly ‘forgotten’ on childcare bus for six hours and left in critical condition

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A three-year-old girl remains in a critical condition after she was found unconscious in a bus parked outside a childcare centre in central Queensland. Police say Nevaeh Austin was left unattended for six hours in hot...

FA to investigate Everton’s Richarlison over flare-throwing incident

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Richarlison is facing a Football Association investigation after throwing a flare off the pitch at Goodison Park following his crucial 46th-minute winner against Chelsea. The Everton striker launched a blue flare over...

UK team to investigate sexual violence in Ukraine, says Truss

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Britain will send investigators to Ukraine to help gather evidence of war crimes, including sexual violence, the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, gesê het. Both Ukrainian prosecutors and the international criminal court ...

Police investigate hazing allegations of women’s rugby team at Vermont college

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Vermont police have launched an investigation into hazing allegations surrounding the women’s rugby team at Norwich University in the state, including allegations of branding and waterboarding. Police have executed se...

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San Francisco police will stop misusing sexual assault victim DNA to investigate unrelated crimes

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The San Francisco police department is no longer using DNA from sexual assault survivors and other victims to investigate unrelated crimes, officials said Wednesday. The department’s crime lab stopped the practice sho...

Police investigate deaths of two eagles reintroduced to Isle of Wight

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Two of the white-tailed eagles reintroduced to the Isle of Wight have been found dead, het die polisie gesê. Oor 25 of the birds of prey, which have a 2.4 metre (8ft) wingspan, have been released in the area since 2019 ...

Gray finds ‘failure of leadership’ at No 10 as police investigate 300 photos

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Boris Johnson has been left desperately trying to shore up his premiership after the Sue Gray report as detectives were revealed to be investigating 300 photos and 12 events in Downing Street, including a party in the...

Alabama city to investigate policing for profit accusations against officers

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Residents of a small Alabama city will on Tuesday hold a town hall meeting to discuss claims by community members and activist groups that local police have pursued excessive policing for profit. Officers in Brooksid...

US prosecutors investigate Republicans who sent fake Trump electors to Congress

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Federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into the attempt by Republicans in seven presidential battleground states won by Joe Biden in 2020 to subvert the election result by sending bogus slates of Donald Tr...

Police investigate bullets reportedly sent to Oldham owner and brother

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Greater Manchester Police have begun an investigation after bullets and threatening letters were reportedly sent to Oldham’s owner, Abdallah Lemsagam, and his brother on Tuesday. Sky Sports News reported that a handwr...

Ashley Cole: police investigate claim of racial abuse at Swindon match

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Police are investigating allegations that racial abuse was directed at former England footballer Ashley Cole during an FA Cup third round tie. Cole, 41, who played for Arsenal and Chelsea during a lengthy top-flight c...

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