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From wild herbs to feral pigs: should we manage invasive species by eating them?

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For three decades, Phil Mather has harvested olives from feral trees around South Australia. Mather, a landscape gardener, began hand-picking the fruit and pressing it into oil in his early 20s. It’s a seasonal pastim...

Invasive species have cost UK at least £5bn since 1970s, study reveals

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Invasive species such as the grey squirrel, Japanese knotweed and the European rabbit have cost the UK economy at least £5bn since the mid 1970s, according to research. Ecosystem-altering plants and animals that wipe ...

‘I’ve seen 40 on one dive’: invasive lionfish threatens ecosystems in Med

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Non-native lionfish have become increasingly common in parts of the Mediterranean in recent years, threatening local ecosystems and posing a hazard to humans through their venomous spines. Marine biologist Prof Jason ...

Hello possum: the New Zealanders keeping invasive marsupials as pets

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Maurice likes to stay up all night. When he finally settles down at 5am, he makes sure everyone knows he’s there – then he curls up and sleeps all day. “When he’s ready to go to bed, he gives us a good face wash to sa...

Wrong woman given invasive procedure among NHS mixups

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A woman was given an invasive gynaecological procedure after being mistaken for another patient, a health watchdog has revealed as it warned that more must be done to prevent waiting room mixups. The Healthcare Safety...

Toilet-invading iguanas among invasive species now banned in Florida

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Florida is known as a state with a fondness for the exotic, from its long history of accommodating religious cults to the Bubble Room restaurant where every day is Christmas Day. But now time is running out for one ty...

I’m A Celebrity ‘brought invasive crayfish to Wales without a licence

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The makers of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! brought invasive crayfish to north Wales without a licence, according to an investigation by a UK wildlife charity, prompting fresh calls for police to investigate t...

Spate of firecracker attacks on Taiwan’s invasive iguanas sparks alarm

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A spate of cruelty towards invasive iguanas in Taiwan including stuffing firecrackers in the reptiles’ mouths or shooting them with bows and arrows has prompted animal rights groups to call for a government crackdown....