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Green for hugs, red for no touching: US events introduce pandemic color coding

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To encourage better respect towards people’s boundaries, event hosts are using colored accessories to help people communicate their comfort around physical touch, reports the Wall Street Journal. As coronavirus restri...

Backlash expected as hundreds of US colleges introduce vaccine mandates

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After a year of “Zoom University”, colleges and universities are looking at the Covid-19 vaccine as the key to normalcy in the fall. But as with all things Covid in the US, it’s unlikely they will get there without so...

Così, Priti Patel, your asylum plans will help women? Let me introduce you to Gloria

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When Priti Patel stood up in parliament last week to unveil her plans to overhaul the asylum system, she told us she was making all this effort not for votes, not to keep out foreigners, not to appease nationalists… b...