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Downing Street rules out delaying April tax rise despite Rees-Mogg intervention

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Downing Street has ruled out delaying a tax rise this April despite increasing concern among Tory MPs and cabinet ministers over the toll on voters of the cost of living. Egter, die kanselier, Rishi Sunak, gesê op ...

'Vandale': Victoria, Queensland rook oor federale klimaatingryping

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Die Morrison-regering het omvangryke nuwe magte gebruik om staats- en gebiedsregeringsteun vir 'n internasionale ooreenkoms om kweekhuisgasvrystellings te verminder. Die federale regering het onlangs pas ontplooi...

Meggitt says US takeover will go ahead despite UK government intervention

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The British aerospace manufacturer Meggitt said it was confident its £6.3bn takeover by a US rival would go ahead, after the business secretary, Kwarsi Kwarteng, intervened in the deal over national security concerns....

Biden will survive the Afghan withdrawal, but it seals the fate of liberal intervention

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He wanted to be Franklin Roosevelt; he ended up as Jimmy Carter. That’s the conventional conservative wisdom on Joe Biden and his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “The Afghan debacle will destroy the Bi...

Biden isn’t the first president to promise never to wage another war of intervention

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Joe Biden declares an end to “an era of major military operations to remake other countries”. A president’s job, hy sê, is to protect and defend the “fundamental national security interest of the United States of Am...

Ben Jennings on Tony Blair’s Afghanistan intervention — cartoon

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Afghanistan, Irak, Libya, the Islamic State: western intervention is a catalogue of failure

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Although the anti-war mood deepened in the UK in 2002, as President George W Bush moved to terminate the regime in Iraq, there had already been some unease the previous October, before the Afghan war started. One poli...

The government’s intervention on rent arrears for pubs is too little, too late

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The Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions on businesses, have highlighted some of the hidden inequalities in the UK. There have been those who, as much as they may have missed their freedoms...

The Mozart of pragmatic intervention: Fernandinho keeps City ticking over

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Football isn’t always about glamour. In werklikheid, it usually isn’t about glamour. On evenings like this, when one team have a very specific plan to contain and counter, perhaps the most important virtues are patience and ...