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Hepworth’s soothing sounds transport you – Yorkshire Sculpture International review

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In the early 20th century, a youthful Barbara Hepworth would observe “the granite sets, the steep hills of industrial Yorkshire, the scurrying of mill girls in their shawls” and “imagine stone ‘images’ rising out of t...

Australia v India: first women’s one-day international – live!

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Aukus pact: UK and US battle to contain international backlash

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Britain and the US are battling to contain an international backlash over a nuclear submarine pact struck with Australia amid concerns that the alliance could provoke China and prompt conflict in the Pacific. Boris Jo...

Inglaterra contra Nueva Zelanda: first women’s one-day international – live!

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Correo matutino: Dfat warning before Afghanistan visit, international vaccine passport plan, woolly mammoths

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Buenos dias. There is light at the end of the tunnel for families waiting to reunite across international borders, with plans for digital declarations that include vaccination status set to facilitate international t...

International students in UK generate huge economic gains – study

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One year’s intake of international students at British universities generates economic activity worth £390 for each person in the UK each year, rising to more than £700 for every inhabitant of London, according to a s...

International research shows ‘strong evidence’ linking vaping to cigarette smoking

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Young people who use e-cigarettes are more likely to take up tobacco cigarettes, according to an international review of research into vaping. People under 20 who used vapes were more than three times as likely to hav...

Prenatal gene test Nifty under international scrutiny amid links to Chinese military

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Health regulators in five countries are examining a prenatal test that collects the DNA of women and foetuses for research after it emerged the test’s manufacturer has links to China’s military. Some doctors and clini...

Hong Kong: international companies reconsider future in wake of security law

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International companies are being forced to reconsider their future in Hong Kong as China’s crackdown on civil liberties and the freedom of media and tech companies continues to gather pace, according to leading busin...

International talks aim for consensus on Taliban government

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Talks are due in Doha and New York to try to reach an international consensus on the conditions for recognising the Taliban government in Afghanistan. There are signs of tensions between superpowers after Russia calle...

US tobacco giant Philip Morris International snaps up 22.6% stake in Vectura

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American tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PYMES) has snapped up a 22.6% stake in Vectura as it closes in on a controversial £1.1bn takeover. The cigarette maker has hired investment banking giant BofA Securiti...

Egan puts International Stakes glory above cash after York win atop Mishriff

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David Egan banked at least £500,000 when Mishriff won the Saudi Cup in February and perhaps a 10th as much when the same horse ran away with the International Stakes here on Wednesday, but the clear-eyed 22-year-old r...

The UK government must do everything it can to help Afghan women

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With the Taliban now in full control of Afghanistan, women in the country face particular risk to their lives. As women’s rights and civil society organisations, we have been in touch with a number who have already re...

PayPal says my mouse mat violates international sanctions

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PayPal thinks I’m violating international sanctions by buying an English-made “Persian rug” mouse mat from Etsy. My account was suspended and, in an email, which mistook me for the seller, it informed me I was adverti...

Astronauts hold zero-gravity Olympics aboard International Space Station – video

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Astronauts and cosmonauts living aboard the International Space Station have held their own mini-Olympics events. Split into two international teams, 'Team Soyuz' and 'Team Dragon,' the athletes competed in zero-gravi...

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