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Did Joe Manchin block climate action to benefit his financial interests?

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Nancy Hilsbos, a former coal miner living in the West Virginia county that Senator Joe Manchin calls home, barely noticed the nondescript office block she passed almost daily. The property, at the top of a rise on the...

Andy Burnham says clean air zone critics made false claims about wife’s interests

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Andy Burnham has hit out at critics of Greater Manchester’s clean air zone (CAZ) whom he says have made “frankly disgraceful” false claims about his wife’s professional links to an electric car charging network. The G...

The party interests that have stalled Lords reform

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John Harris is obviously right (The Lords is a scandal in plain sight. If we won’t abolish it now, then when?, 15 November), but he overlooks a revealing episode in the saga of failed attempts at modernisation. MPs g...

Debris from Russian anti-satellite test ‘threatens interests of all nations’, says US – video

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Russia has blown up one of its own satellites, sending thousands of pieces of debris into space. The seven astronauts on the International Space Station were forced to take shelter in a transport capsule. 'Thanks for ...

Giuliani investigators home in on 2019 plan to advance Ukraine interests in US

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The high-profile federal criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani in recent days has zeroed in on evidence that in the spring of 2019 three Ukrainian government prosecutors agreed to award contracts, valued in the hund...

Johnson puts his interests before staff’s wellbeing, says civil service union head

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Boris Johnson’s decision to ignore a standards watchdog’s recommendations by keeping a veto over ministerial investigations will deepen mistrust in Whitehall, the head of the senior civil servants’ union has said. Dav...

Australia’s ambition on climate change is held back by a toxic mix of rightwing politics, media and vested interests

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It was always expected that Joe Biden’s election would be a massive shot in the arm for international climate action, but the scale of that boost has been genuinely surprising. The new president has now invited 40 wor...

Climate crisis: Boris Johnson ‘too cosy’ with vested interests to take serious action

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Boris Johnson’s government is “too cosy” with vested interests in business to take strong action on the climate crisis, the author of a new report on “the polluting elite” has warned. Peter Newell, professor of intern...

The UN food systems summit will consider all stakeholders’ interests

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As you note in your article (Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links, 4 March), farmers have for too long been on the fringes of global discussions about hunger, poverty and climate chang...