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The Wordle of Netflix? Meet Trivia Quest: your daily interactive quiz fix

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Netflix’s grand adventure into interactive TV was always going to struggle. There’s the problem of cost to overcome with shows such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Cat Burglar and the interactive Unbreakable Kimmy Schm...

‘Really, actively, surprisingly brilliant’: the Top 5 interactive shows on Netflix

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Charlie Brooker’s Cat Burglar has plenty going for it. As a celebration of maximalist mid-century, Tex Avery-style animation, it’s just about as genuine as love letters get. In terms of animation – and especially in t...

How No 10’s alleged parties took place as UK Covid death toll rose – interactive

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The UK government and the Conservative party have been rocked by a series of claims about staff parties held in Downing Street and elsewhere in Whitehall. Some have argued the “partygate” scandal could ultimately topp...

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review – a gripping interactive detective drama

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Developer Frogwares has been making games about the world’s most famous detective for a long time now, but Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the most personal. A 21-year-old Sherlock has returned to the fictional island...

Which Olympic sport should you tune into? – an interactive quiz

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The Olympics are upon us and even if there are no fans at the stadiums this year due to Covid-19, there are more than 300 events to watch on TV from the comfort of your sofa. Certo, you may have minor things like ...

Pacific Plunder: this is who profits from the mass extraction of the region’s natural resources – interactive

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Millions of tonnes of minerals, fish and timber are extracted from Pacific island nations each year, generating massive profits for foreign multinationals. Across the region, mining, fishing and logging industries hav...