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Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1 review – epic, single-take battle of bloody-minded intensity

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The craziness is all in the idea of this singular Japanese action movie: essentially one marathon battle scene, filmed in a single take, in which a master swordsman takes down several hundred assailants. The execution...

My return to the Fens and their coast – a land of brooding intensity

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There’s a ship passing seawards beyond the dyke, the New Old Sea Bank. This river, the Welland, flows through the town nearest to my childhood home, and here, after a long meander, it empties into the Wash and the Nor...

‘The intensity has not changed’: Jason Kander on the fall of Afghanistan – and trying to get friends out

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Jason Kander is tired. For weeks the former Missouri secretary of state, an Afghanistan veteran as well as a rising star of Democratic politics, has been working to get Afghans out of the country after its fall to the...

Our Home With the Dogs review – time flies for flatmates caught up in youthful intensity

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Shot over the course of five years, this film, co-directed by Margarida Meneses and Madalena Fragoso, chronicles the lives of seven young people – and their dogs – who initially share an apartment in Lisbon, and then ...