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My elderly parents were conned out of £284 over home appliances insurance

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My parents, who are in their 80s, attempted to contact their domestic appliances insurer, National Home Cover, when their dishwasher packed up. They were unable to reach it by phone or email. It turns out they had bee...

Gove looks at cutting insurance costs to tackle building safety crisis

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Michael Gove is exploring how to cut soaring insurance premiums for homeowners hit by the building safety crisis and ramp up pressure on developers to pay for repairs, in the first signs of a new government push to ta...

More Than’s refusal of our flooding insurance claim doesn’t hold water

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One Sunday at the end of July our home, along with most of our neighbours’, was flooded after torrential rain. There was a foot of water in our kitchen. We were about three weeks from finishing the renovation of our h...

National insurance hike to hit NHS and care staff with £900m tax bill

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Boris Johnson’s national insurance hike to fund health and social care will hit NHS and care workers with a £900m tax bill, the Guardian can reveal. The prime minister announced this month that contributions are to in...

‘I couldn’t wait’: Britons without health insurance on why they paid to go private

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Spire Healthcare, one of Britain’s leading private hospital operators, has returned to profit after a surge in patients choosing to pay for hip and knee operations. Long waiting lists on the NHS have resulted in more ...

Private hospitals profit from NHS waiting lists as people without insurance pay out

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When Fabien needed to have a decayed tooth removed in May, his dentist told him that he would have to wait up to three years to have it done on the NHS. In disbelief, the 27-year-old from Edinburgh rang 50 dental prac...

Not in our holiday Budget: £500 bill for 10 days’ car rental insurance

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I paid £110 for 10 days’ car hire with Budget via an airline website. The price included basic insurance, so I paid £20 for a comprehensive policy with a third-party provider and declined the offer of extra insurance ...

Only 10 Tory MPs vote against plan for national insurance rise

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Only 10 Tory MPs rebelled against the government’s introduction of a manifesto-busting tax increase to fund social care reforms and the NHS backlog caused by Covid. The 1.25 percentage point national insurance hike fo...

Tell us: have you paid for hospital treatment without health insurance?

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As NHS waiting lists for non-urgent surgeries reached unprecedented levels during the pandemic, some have resorted to pay for healthcare themselves. Spire Healthcare, one of Britain’s leading private hospital operator...

If national insurance must fund social care, at least make it fair

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The government could generate almost double the £12bn it expects to raise for health and social care if the national insurance system was made fairer, according to a group of economists. Ministers could fix the system...

Boris Johnson wins Commons vote on national insurance hike

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Plans to hike national insurance contributions (NICs) to fund £12bn for the NHS and social care have been passed by the Commons, with Boris Johnson spared a mass Tory rebellion. After springing a vote on MPs with just...

Boris Johnson squeezes working people in national insurance hike

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The prime minister, once again, had to level with us. Flanked by his chancellor and health secretary, he kicked off with some truth bombs. NHS waiting lists would get worse before they got better. Social care wouldn’t...

Keir Starmer rules out supporting national insurance rise

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The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has ruled out supporting an increase in national insurance contributions to fund the social care crisis, joining a chorus of critical voices that include Tory grandees opposed to the h...

UK politics: Starmer says Labour will not back plan to raise national insurance to fund social care – live

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Labour leader says increasing national insurance ‘hits low earners, young people and businesses’

Using national insurance to fund social care is regressive and unfair

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If fairness is the criterion by which to judge a tax (Editorial, 3 September), we would never really have introduced national insurance. It’s both an income tax and an employment tax; it’s regressive; it’s not paid by...

Raising national insurance to fund social care is fraught with political risk

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After months of havering, the government is poised to make two big announcements in the coming weeks. Both break manifesto pledges, both are fraught with political danger. First, perhaps as early as next week, comes t...

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