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‘Insulting!’: viewers criticise accents in ‘canoe man’ drama

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It has had rave reviews for the quality of its writing and acting but for many local people there has been a problem with ITV’s “canoe man” fake death drama: the accents. “Why is it that ITV thinks people from Teessid...

Solomon Islands prime minister says foreign criticism of China security deal ‘very insulting’

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Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare has dismissed foreign criticism of the country’s security negotiations with China as “insulting” and called those who leaked the draft agreement “lunatics”, in his firs...

France condemns Paris police officer for allegedly insulting sexual assault victim

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The French government has condemned the actions of a Paris police officer who was suspended after he was allegedly recorded saying a Parisian teacher who made a sexual assault complaint was a “whore”. Lawyers and righ...

Home Office backing of women’s safety app is insulting, sê kampvegters

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Women’s safety campaigners have called the Home Office’s backing of an app that allows users to track their friends’ journeys home “insulting to women and girls”, arguing that it does nothing to tackle the issue of me...

Johnson insulting France over Channel crossings will only make things worse

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France’s interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, is a sensitive soul. He dislikes British politicians saying nice things to him in private, then turning round and using “insulting” and “strongly unfriendly” language in th...

UK ambassador angers Iran with ‘insulting’ embassy photo gaffe

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The new British ambassador to Iran has landed himself in hot water by posing alongside his Russian counterpart in chairs sat in by Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin in the British embassy at the height of Iran’s sub...

Malaysia: artist detained for allegedly insulting queen with Spotify playlist

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A Malaysian artist has been detained by police for allegedly insulting the country’s queen by making a Spotify playlist that mocked comments on her Instagram account, an arrest condemned by rights groups as a clampdow...

Gambling firms donating ‘insulting’ amounts to addiction charity

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Gambling firms behind more than £30m in football shirt sponsorship deals have been accused of making “insulting” contributions to the industry-funded addiction charity, with one giving just £250. An annual list of don...