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Nine Insulate Britain activists jailed for breach of road blockades injunction

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Nine Insulate Britain activists have been jailed at the high court for breaching an injunction designed to prevent the group’s road blockades. Ana Heyatawin, 58, and Louis McKechnie, 20, were jailed for three months w...

Insulate Britain activist says he will block more roads if not jailed

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An Insulate Britain activist has told the high court he will “block the highway at the earliest opportunity” if he is not jailed for breaching an order banning the group from protesting on the M25. Ben Taylor, 27, era...

Cop26: Insulate Britain has blocked Parliament Square in central London – day four live

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We’ll be following the events in Glasgow today: the focus is energy

Insulate Britain’s protests are disruptive, annoying – and justified

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Few people today would claim not to sympathise with the suffragettes – but this wasn’t true at the time. When parliament debated women’s struggle for the vote in 1914, Lord Robert Cecil – later a recipient of the Nobe...

Insulate Britain protesters arrested walking on to M25

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Insulate Britain protesters have been arrested walking on to the M25 in several locations, causing major disruption on London’s orbital motorway days before the start of the Cop26 climate summit. In driving rain just ...

Insulate Britain protests: 49 arrests as group defies injunctions

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Forty-nine members of Insulate Britain have been arrested after the climate activist group blocked three major junctions in defiance of a series of injunctions banning them from protesting anywhere on England’s strate...

Insulate Britain won’t be stopped by people who think you can grow concrete

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I was lost for words when a radio presenter, someone responsible for informing the public, recently told me that you can grow concrete. I had been invited on to talkRadio to speak about being a part of Insulate Britai...

Insulate Britain declares M25 ‘site of non-violent civil resistance’

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Insulate Britain has declared the M25 a “site of non-violent civil resistance” and called for motorists to keep to 20mph on the motorway or avoid it altogether, after a new injunction banned the group from major roads...

Insulate Britain blocks three London roads in renewed campaign

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Protesters from Insulate Britain have blocked roads in three locations in London, as the climate activist group returned to the streets after a 10-day pause in its campaign. Más que 60 protesters blocked junctions a...

Who are Insulate Britain and what do they want?

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For the past few months Insulate Britain have been blocking roads in an effort to pressure the government into sealing up the UK’s leaky, draughty housing-stock. So why are a group of eco-activists facing confrontatio...

Video muestra a Range Rover empujando a activista de Insulate Britain en una sentada

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Han surgido imágenes de un manifestante de Insulate Britain siendo empujado por un Range Rover conducido por una mujer que lleva a su hijo a la escuela.. En el video, una mujer conduce hasta una protesta por un bloqueo de carretera en un cruce concurrido., salta de la b ...

Inside Insulate Britain: en el camino con los manifestantes climáticos disruptivos

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El momento más riesgoso de las protestas por el bloqueo de carreteras de Insulate Britain es antes de que llegue la policía., sus activistas dicen. Cuando apuntaron a un cruce concurrido de la A1090 en Thurrock, Essex, el miércoles por la mañana, justo afuera del ...

Insulate Britain pauses roadblocks to give PM ‘chance to do the right thing’

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Insulate Britain has said it is pausing its roadblock campaign for 10 dias, in a letter to the prime minister calling on him to “get on with the job” of insulating Britain’s homes. A spokesperson for the group said th...

Las acciones de Insulate Britain son obstáculos para el cambio

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Aislar a Gran Bretaña activistas han arrojado luz sobre un problema (Editorial, 5 octubre). Pero al igual que el superpegamento no es una opción positiva en términos de biodegradabilidad., su adhesión a la táctica "atascado en el tráfico" es una ...

Conductores amenazan a activistas de Insulate Britain en protestas de Essex

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Los conductores sacaron de la carretera a los manifestantes climáticos y amenazaron con atropellarlos en las afueras del este de Londres mientras Insulate Britain realizaba protestas por barricadas por decimotercera vez.. Hubo escenas tensas como 4...

Insulate Britain says No 10 avoiding having protesters in prison during Cop26

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Insulate Britain protesters have accused the government of delaying taking action against them to avoid the embarrassment of having demonstrators in prison while Glasgow hosts a crucial climate summit. Members of the ...

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