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Dean Blunt: Black Metal 2 review – instantly familiar yet utterly unknowable

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Dean Blunt’s first band stole the name of celebrated rap video director Hype Williams and became infamous for playing the sort of gig where no one present was entirely sure it was really happening. They peaked with 20...

Trigger Point review – amnesia spy thriller that’s instantly forgettable

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The “intelligence community” proves to be a misnomer on both counts in this dud round of a thriller. With a head-scratching heap of betrayals and double-crossings, and none of the operatives smart enough to see them c...

If this were an ethical government, Matt Hancock would have gone instantly

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At his most recent audience with the Queen, Boris Johnson assured her that the health secretary was “full of beans”. That’s not all Matt Hancock is full of, but one thing he has none of is credibility. Even he eventua...