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Is that a dishwasher or a Hindu temple? Inside kitsch pomo masterpiece Cosmic House

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The first challenge facing visitors to Charles Jencks’s house is choosing which knob to push on the front door. Two identical brass fixtures flank the entrance to 19 Lansdowne Walk in Holland Park, the first indicatio...

Your gas stove is leaking air pollution inside your own home. Go electric

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I traveled around the developing world for more than a decade seeing and studying first-hand the damage that wood and charcoal do to the lungs of people – mostly women and children – who use it for cooking. Nearly hal...

Butterflies released in Finland contained parasitic wasps – with more wasps inside

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When caterpillars of a beautiful butterfly were introduced on to the tiny island of Sottunga in the Åland archipelago, scientists hoped to study how the emerging butterflies would disperse across the landscape. But re...

Sign up for Inside Saturday: the best way to start the weekend

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Inside Al-Qaida: a recruit-turned-spy, a journalist and the road to 9/11

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Few terrorist organisations survive for more than a few years. Al-Qaida was different. Jason Burke, who has spent much of his career reporting on the group, and former member Aimen Dean reflect on how it was able to c...

London transport staff warned of razors inside Covid conspiracy posters

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Staff on London’s public transport network have been warned that blades are being concealed inside posters promoting conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and vaccinations. Transport for London (TfL) said there had been ...

Here we go! Inside story of the most incredible transfer window in history

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Impossible. Even just thinking of something like that. I have been repeating this to myself every day for weeks: if they had told me that Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Sergio Ramos, Romelu...

Some slept, some cried, all were now refugees: inside one of the last Afghan airlifts

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The American marine shouted “push!". And hundreds of people did, shoving inside the Boeing C-17 military aircraft; tumbling over, then pulling their bodies into tight huddles on the floor to let as many others in as p...

Inside the NSW hospitals at breaking point

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As NSW’s Delta outbreak worsens, some of its largest hospitals are facing a crisis, with some health workers warning major changes are needed to avoid compromising patient care before Covid case numbers reach their ex...

‘I ran, my heart was broken’: inside Mozambique’s evolving Cabo Delgado conflict

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Pencils scratch as students in year eight feverishly work through an exam paper. At the back of the classroom, Clara Edna Chevambo, 37, a minute figure in hand-me-down clothes, finishes first and hands her paper to th...

‘Spreading like a virus’: inside the EU’s struggle to debunk Covid lies

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In April 2020, near the start of the global pandemic, Felix Kartte was working 14-hour shifts as an EU policy officer, struggling to monitor a barrage of coronavirus-linked disinformation. Articles claiming that the p...

Sabaya: the shocking documentary filmed inside Syria’s notorious al-Hawl camp

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En agosto 2014, after Islamic State (Isis) militants attacked the Sinjar district in northern Iraq, Hogir Hirori realised his calling. Although he had been living in Sweden since 1999, his home town was only about two...

Polygamy in Senegal, lesbian hookups in Cairo: inside the sex lives of African women

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Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah has a face that smiles at rest. When she is speaking, it is with a constant grin, one that only falters when she talks about some of the difficult circumstances she and other African women have g...

‘This is a full-circle moment’: inside Kanye West’s Donda listening party

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The circular ring of screens at the top of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta went dark at 9.42pm on Thursday. The crowd released a brief, approving cheer at the sign of progress, only to realise that the show had s...

Inside the mind of an Olympic athlete one week before the games

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Tom Bosworth was ready for Tokyo 2020. Then the pandemic struck and he caught coronavirus. This is how he got himself to the starting line How to listen to podcasts: todo ...

Inside ESPN’s pandemic-era Euro 2020 coverage

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Jon Champion isn’t one for notes. When the match on hand cries out for one of his signature rhetorical flourishes, the veteran English broadcaster depends on spontaneity. Never a script. “I can tell from a million m...

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