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BVI inquiry hears claims of systemic corruption and jury intimidation

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Allegations of systemic corruption, cronyism, jury intimidation and misuse of public funds are being aired in a courtroom in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) after the UK government set up a commission of inquiry into...

Four-year trading standards inquiry brings justice for Flight Delay Claims Team victims

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I’ve been exposing the tactics of the claims management firm, Flight Delay Claims Team (FDCT) ya que 2017, after it hounded scores of airline passengers over alleged debts. The website promised to check whether claiman...

Fraud prosecutors concealed misconduct files in bribery inquiry, la corte escucha

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Senior prosecutors at the Serious Fraud Office have been accused of keeping secret key documents that detailed their misconduct in one of their biggest bribery investigations. Lisa Osofsky, the SFO director, and senio...

Bolsonaro debería ser acusado de crímenes de lesa humanidad, Hallazgos de investigación de Covid

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Jair Bolsonaro debería ser acusado de crímenes de lesa humanidad y encarcelado por su reacción "macabra" a un brote de Covid que ha matado a más de 600,000 Brasileños, incluyendo un número desproporcionado de indígenas c ...

Manchester Arena bomber’s brother no longer in UK, investigación dijo

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The older brother of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber is no longer in the UK and the bomber’s childhood friend was arrested on Monday trying to leave the country, the public inquiry into the terror attack has heard...

Murder inquiry after boy, 14, fatally injured at Glasgow railway station

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A murder investigation has been launched into the death of a 14-year-old boy who was fatally injured at a railway station in Glasgow. Justin McLaughlin was found seriously hurt at High Street station in the city centr...

Here’s what the Covid inquiry didn’t tell you – being poor was like a death sentence

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That the lives of the poor are deemed to have less worth is so widely understood it feels almost trite to say it. Yet that it is as passively accepted as it is subconsciously acknowledged played a key role in our Covi...

Five dead as shooting breaks out at Beirut protests over port blast inquiry

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Five people have died in armed clashes that broke out in Beirut during a protest demanding an end to a judicial investigation into last year’s massive blast in the city’s port. The Lebanese interior ministry confirmed...

‘The real problem is the repetition of mistakes’: scientists react to Covid inquiry

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The failure to prevent tens of thousands of deaths during Britain’s brutal second wave of Covid infections was a more serious error than the timing of the first lockdown, senior scientists have told the Guardian, afte...

Las familias en duelo piden que se acelere la investigación de Covid en el Reino Unido después del informe de los parlamentarios

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Las familias en duelo han pedido que se acelere la investigación pública de Covid y que los ministros se disculpen después de un informe condenatorio de los parlamentarios sobre el manejo de la pandemia.. Dra. Cathy Gardner, cuyo padre murió de coron ...

Cummings tiene razón sobre el "falso pensamiento de grupo", dice el presidente de investigación de Covid

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Dominic Cummings tuvo razón, al menos en parte, al castigar al gobierno por ser demasiado lento para responder a la amenaza inicial del coronavirus., un copresidente de la investigación de los Comunes sobre la pandemia ha dicho. Más de siete h ...

Coronavirus en vivo: La respuesta de Covid del Reino Unido es un "fallo de salud pública", la investigación encuentra, Tailandia se prepara para dar la bienvenida a los turistas

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La respuesta inicial de Gran Bretaña a la pandemia de coronavirus provocó más muertes, Hallazgos de investigación de los comunes; Tailandia eliminará la cuarentena obligatoria para los visitantes del Reino Unido y EE. UU.

Sebastian Kurz to quit as Austrian chancellor due to corruption inquiry

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The Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said on Saturday that he plans to step down in an effort to defuse a government crisis triggered by prosecutors’ announcement that he is a target of a corruption investigation....

Petrol retailers call for inquiry into fuel crisis as problems continue

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The UK’s petrol retailers have called for an independent inquiry into the fuel crisis to ensure it does not happen again, saying the shortages are not easing quickly enough. A lack of lorry drivers and panic-buying ov...

Plymouth shootings: police worker faces misconduct inquiry

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The investigation into the Plymouth mass shooting has placed one police staff worker under investigation for gross misconduct, meaning they could be sacked if allegations are upheld. Jake Davison, 22, shot dead his mo...

Ofgem opens overcharging inquiry into two electricity producers

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Ofgem is investigating two companies to establish whether they overcharged the grid to lower their production levels. The energy regulator said it was looking into whether EP SHB, which owns the South Humber Bank gas ...

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