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Shamima Begum says she wants to prove innocence in UK courts

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Shamima Begum has said she wants to face the British courts to try to refute claims that she was engaged in terrorist acts during the time she spent living under Islamic State in Syria in an extraordinary TV interview...

‘‘Shooting has broken our hearts,’ says shattered Plymouth as city mourns its children’s innocence

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Five-year-old Evie-Rae left her grandmother Terri’s side and carefully placed a pink candle and a teddy bear on the growing pile of tributes at the foot of a tree in North Down Crescent Park. “I wanted to come because...

Telling the story of the Freshwater Five: ‘Millions are debating their innocence

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Four members of the Today in Focus team – presenter Anushka Asthana, producer Josh Kelly, executive producer Phil Maynard, and composer and sound designer Axel Kacoutié – talk about the success of our audio miniseries...