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If Cyprus is intransigent on tax then G7 should sign up themselves

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Cyprus has dared to swim against the tide of sentiment running to all corners of the globe that multinational firms should pay a fairer share of tax. The island nation has threatened to block EU officials from signing...

Keir Starmer, it’s time we had a frank discussion about tax

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Austerity is on its way back to the top of the Conservative party agenda. Forget about “levelling up”, a skills agenda and a fully functioning welfare state backed by billions of pounds of funding: the scene is set fo...

Price gouging fine for Advanz is a rare story that is becoming common

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A fine by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for unfair pricing by private health companies is a rare story that looks set to become increasingly common. This week’s example is the £100m penalty dished out to...

Education for girls and vaccines can save Africa from disaster

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There are so many good causes in the world it is often difficult to know where aid money should go. As leaders line up to attend the G7 summit in Cornwall, the most effective destinations for aid money have become cle...

Sadly, trade minister is right to say UK firms do better in foreign hands

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UK firms perform better under foreign ownership, says the trade minister Gerald Grimstone. “All our research shows that overseas invested companies in the UK are more productive … they generate more jobs than UK compa...

The Treasury missed a green trick when it handed out Covid cash

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When the government reacted to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 with unprecedented rescue funds, ministers were urged to attach strings before the money disappeared out the door. The strings would have forced employer...

UK house prices remain turbo-charged without sales of healthy market

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A buoyant private sector housing market is one of the key building blocks of economic activity. That’s the view inside the Treasury and nothing in the last 50 years – not the widening wealth gap, nor the risks that co...

Don’t expect post-Brexit Britain to match EU’s fight against big tech

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If anyone needed convincing that the pandemic would turbo-charge sales at America’s largest tech firms and send profits soaring, this week’s quarterly results defied the doubters. Mela, Microsoft and Google owner Alp...