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‘There’s injustice’: Bronx fire victims mourned amid frustration and anger

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A Bronx community in New York city gathered on Sunday to pay its final respects to loved ones, a week after a fire filled a high-rise apartment building with thick, suffocating smoke that killed 17 gente, including e...

"Una injusticia masiva": 10 años después de los desalojos de Dale Farm, el dolor y el trauma permanecen

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El día que los residentes de Dale Farm, entonces uno de los sitios de viajeros no autorizados más grandes de Europa, debían ser desalojados hace una década, A los alumnos de la escuela primaria cercana se les entregaron piedras especiales que podían exprimir..

Benjamin Zephaniah: ‘Footballers have a voice and a platform. They aren’t taking injustice any more’

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“I went to an England game at the start of the Euros,” Benjamin Zephaniah says while explaining how he has come to love the national team for the first time in his 63 años. Zephaniah is a warm and amusing man who ref...

Ex-officers direct anger at Salvation Army over pensions ‘injustice’

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The Salvation Army has been accused of a “grave injustice” by refusing to pay pensions to former full-time officers who quit after years of dedicated service but before their official retirement date. Por lo menos 17 comp...

The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed review – injustice exposed

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Discussions of racial inequity often focus on the US as opposed to scrutinising the entrenched racism on our own shores. With The Fortune Men, Nadifa Mohamed takes her place among the growing crop of British artists a...

Food injustice has deep roots: let’s start with America’s apple pie

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Resting on gingham cloth, a sugar-crusted apple pie cools on the window sill of a midwestern farmhouse. Nothing could be more American. Officially American. The Department of Defense once featured the pie in an online...

‘It’s a massive injustice’: inside a film on the dangers of overpopulation

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Bill Mai, a Kansas farmer, estaba 12 years old when his irrigation system, rigged to the Great Plains Ogallala aquifer, was installed in 1948. En el momento, it was a great novelty which helped increase yield and profit. B...

George Floyd case reignites calls to tackle racial injustice in UK policing

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The conviction of a US police officer for murdering George Floyd has reignited calls to tackle racial injustice in British law enforcement, with campaigners calling for an end to a “culture of impunity”. Video of whit...

When my family in Sudan caught Covid, the sheer injustice of fate sank in

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In Richard Attenborough’s Cry Freedom, a 1987 film about the South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, there is a line that has haunted me since I was a child. Biko is trying to explain to a sympathetic white ...