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Inmate executed in Oklahoma’s first lethal injection in six years

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Oklahoma has executed a man for the 1998 stabbing death of a prison cafeteria worker, the state’s first lethal injection following a six-year moratorium, after the US supreme court on Thursday cleared the way for the ...

Alabama executes inmate for 1996 murder by lethal injection

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Alabama executed an inmate by lethal injection for a 1996 murder on Thursday evening after a divided US supreme court sided with the state and rejected defense claims the man had an intellectual disability that cost h...

Texas executes Quintin Jones by lethal injection without media witnesses

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Texas inmate Quintin Jones was executed by lethal injection on Wednesday without media witnesses present. The press could not witness the death of the 41-year-old because prison agency officials neglected to notify re...

Teesside factory making Covid vaccine gets £400m injection

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A Teesside factory that makes Covid-19 vaccines has received a £400m injection from its Japanese owners, the largest single investment in UK pharmaceutical manufacturing in decades. The biotechnology arm of the Japane...

New York to open supervised injection sites in bid to curb overdose deaths

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Two supervised injection sites could be open as soon as Tuesday in Manhattan to combat a sharp increase in overdose deaths in New York City. The two safe injection sites, one opening in East Harlem and the other in Wa...

Bappi Lahiri: ‘disco king of Bollywood’ gave Indian film a youthful injection

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At the height of his fame in the 1980s, “the disco king of Bollywood”, Bappi Lahiri, who died this week, was composing nearly 15 soundtracks a year. Born in Kolkata in 1952 to a musical family (his parents were classi...