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‘Inheritance is a problem’: parents on what they will leave to their children

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Daniel Craig has become the latest celebrity to say that he will not be leaving all his fortune to his children, remarking that “inheritance is distasteful”. Six people who are fortunate enough to be in a position to ...

Social care desperately needs funding, and the fairest way is inheritance tax

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Some problems are intractable because there are too many competing interests. Some are hard to solve because they’re hard to predict. And then there’s social care, which is very straightforward. It may be terrifying t...

Family of late Samsung chair offload Picassos and Dalís to cut inheritance tax bill

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The family of the late Samsung Electronics chair Lee Kun-hee have said they will pay more than 12tn won (£7.8bn) in inheritance tax and donate his collection of more than 23,000 artworks – including pieces by Salvador...